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Happy Naughty Halloween! October 30, 2014 - We want to wish everyone a happy, scary, and naughty Halloween! Here are some Halloween images we love!
Some Of My Favorite Bondage Supplies July 4, 2014 - Here at Tulip we have a wide selection of bondage accessories; but the selection can be a little overwhelming for beginners who don’t know where to start. Here are a few tried and true suggestions that are sure to have that special person in your life squealing with enjoyment. Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint […]
Thoughts, Questions and Facts about BDSM July 2, 2014 - There have been hundreds of thousands of studies done on the psychology of BDSM, all of which resulted in different outcomes, depending on the people interviewed. One thing is for sure, you can categorize people into three groups to gain a simple understanding of BDSM (which, if you weren’t aware before reading this, stands for […]
Lube It Up!!! A quick breakdown on lubes. June 10, 2014 - Many people are overwhelmed by the amount of Lube choices there are out there! What kind is for me?! Do I want Water based? Oil based? Silicone?!? Where do I start!??! Here are some great things to remember when shopping for a new bottle of slippery goodness: There are 3 main lubes to be aware […]
No More Pain: 4 Quick tips to help make anal more pleasurable May 29, 2014 -   Anal sex is (and will continue to be) a taboo topic for both straight and gay couples alike. What’s more taboo is how to make anal MORE pleasurable and LESS painful. Here are four tips on how to help make your anal experience the best: 1. There is no such thing as too much […]
What is a Packy? May 22, 2014 - What is packy? In addition to the variety of anal toys and erect dildos that Tulip carries, we also carry a number of flaccid silicone penises, also known as a packy. Many customers have questioned what they are for, and we are here to answer! Packing dildos, or “packies,” are typically used for an individual to […]
Two Sex Toys That You Just Can’t Miss Out On May 19, 2014 - There are multiple things to please you here at Tulip, but I’d like to focus on two toys that are on the high-end side of our piggy banks. For the sheer fact that they are new and improved, upgraded sex toys with groundbreaking techniques to spice up your life and love. Self love could not […]
New Arrivals at Tulip! May 17, 2014 - We came back last month from ILS, a tradeshow in Vegas for lingerie and adult novelties. We had the opportunity to see lots of great products and brought back many to our shops! Below is just the first shipment of new arrivals at Tulip- stay tuned for more very soon! The Semenette We had the […]
Tulip’s Top Ten Best Selling Male Sex Toys February 24, 2014 - Our last blog on our top ten best selling vibrators this month, was an immediate hit! However, we received many requests to not leave out the boy toys, and we agree. Here you go guys, Tulip’s Top Ten Best Selling Male Sex Toys for 2/2014, the month of love! All of these toys can be […]
Tulip’s Top Ten Best Selling Vibrators February 23, 2014 - February is the month of lovers AND self love~ We’ve had so many great customer experiences in the last few weeks, it’s nice to know people are feeling lot’s of pleasure! Want to know what everyone’s buying? Here are the top ten best selling vibrators for 2/2014: (In order of popularity) #10 Lelo Nea & […]

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