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Endless Summer September 19, 2016 - Summer is technically drawing to a close, but you wouldn’t know it recently. It’s been bright, and hot, and in spite of taking the necessary precautions, I managed to get a wicked sunburn this week. Bring on the aloe! Aloe vera is a magical plant. This beautiful succulent is known for its multitude of medicinal […]
Chicago Event: Viva La Vulva with Amy Jo Goddard! September 5, 2016 - Viva la Vulva! Orgasms Made Hotter and Bigger with Amy Jo Goddard –  CANCELLED Update: Unfortunately, Amy Jo Goddard is unable to make it to the event as scheduled. We apologize for the last minute cancellation. Please stay tuned for our future workshops and events! Thank you for your interest. <3 Tulip Toy Gallery ——— […]
Sex Toy Materials: Quick Guides May 25, 2016 - There are a so many sex toys to choose from! Unfortunately, there are many hazardous adult products out there. Yet, very fortunately, there are just as many safer options! Sex toys are considered “Novelty” or “Not Intended For Use” and therefore not regulated in the United States. These quick guides talk about sex toy material […]
Sex and Citizen Science Workshop February 23, 2016 - What is sexuality? More so, what is sex? Join us for an evening of exploring the myriad of ways sex and sexuality can be defined, as we examine sexual behavior and data collection. Workshop participants will be invited to examine their own personal definitions and to engage in Citizen Scientist data collection as well as […]
Sex Toy Parties & Private Workshops February 18, 2016 - There are great ways to have fun with your party and friends at Tulip! Whether the occasion is a bachelor/bachelorette or divorce party, or simply a night with good friends, Tulip custom tailors each private party and workshop according to your group’s unique interests. For more information email At your home or venue: In-home […]
Everything Red for Valentine’s Day! February 5, 2016 - Unpacking inventory at Tulip is a lot of fun, especially during Valentine’s Day season… imagine opening up boxes filled with all sorts of sexiness, from items that tickle to items that electrocute!  It’s easy to put on a mask, grab a crop and begin a crop-fight with a coworker or take some cockrings and a […]
Valentine’s Day Vibrator Gift Guide January 28, 2016 - V-day is just around the corner and the time has come for Tulip’s annual sexy gift guides, tips and tricks! Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s day gift for yourself, a friend, a coworker, or for a hot night with your sweetheart(s), Tulip has the best of the best lined up for all adults, so […]
Aphrodisiac Foods November 9, 2015 - “Do aphrodisiac foods work? Which are the most potent aphrodisiac ingredients?”  We decided to research the history of aphrodisiacs and how some foods can help with libido, erections, prostate health and more. According to the FDA, there is no such thing as an aphrodisiac. But ancient history tells a different story. Throughout history, various foods […]
Tulip Interviews Local Dildo Company- Vamp Silicone! October 17, 2015 - Chicago nests many hidden treasures, one of our favorites is local dildo company, Vamp Silicone. Vamp is a group of artists who are advised by sex educators and doctors, to produce the ultimate pleasurable artistic medical-grade silicone dildos and plugs. Although Vamp makes products for everyone, many of their designs are focused on mastering strap-on […]
9/14 Event: All The Sex Toys! September 13, 2015 - All The Sex Toys! The world of adult products now is nothing like it was 10 years ago. Vibrators and strokers compatible with smartphone apps, bluetooth bullets and rings, Fleshlights with tablet holders, iPod compatible music toys, temperature sensing vibrators, material-conscious manufacturers, and more! All show a new exciting era of sex toys!  Come explore […]

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