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9/14 Event: All The Sex Toys! September 13, 2015 - All The Sex Toys! The world of adult products now is nothing like it was 10 years ago. Vibrators and strokers compatible with smartphone apps, bluetooth bullets and rings, fleshlights with tablet holders, Ipod compatible music toys, temperature sensor vibrators, material-conscious manufacturers, all show a new exciting era of sex toys!  Come explore and get […]
Tulip’s LovEmail September 11, 2015 - Stay informed on all the red-hot sales, events, new products, workshops and more! Subscribers receive exclusive deals and coupon codes, pre registration for some workshops, sexy tips from our in-house Sexperts and much more! Introducing Tulip’s LoveMail! BONUS: When you join, you’ll receive a Coupon Code immediately valid for 12% off your entire order! Simply […]
This Month: Intro to Pole Dancing! September 11, 2015 - Just added to our September Tulip Chicago Workshop calendar, we are ending the month with Intro to Pole Dancing! Unlike any other Pole Dancing class,  come learn seductress moves and tricks surrounded by the best adult toys and lingerie in a boutique environment. Crops and other adult toys will be incorporated while Jalesha, a master exotic […]
Pyrex Dildos September 10, 2015 - The first time I saw a Pyrex dildo I was terrified, all the worst scenarios crossed my mind, glass shatters!  Before then, I had only seen blown glass in jewelry, art, and pipes.  Just like I never attempted to put glass anywhere inside my body, I definitely had never thought about putting glass in my […]
Tonight: Strap-On Sex September 10, 2015 - Strap-On sex isn’t just for lady loving ladies! Come explore the joys of thigh harnesses, hand harnesses, chin harnesses, single hole pouches, and even double penetration port harnesses. Strap-on loving is also great for men with erectile dysfunction! Learn more about this sexy variance plus the best strap-on dildos, strap-less strap-ons and much more at […]
“Onomonopenis”: Silly Sex Sounds September 3, 2015 - “Onomonopenis”: Silly Sex Sounds Let’s talk about noisy sex. I don’t mean noisy as in your-neighbors-can-hear-your-orgasmic-shouting (though that’s always fun), I mean when the lube bottle “squirts,” when your and your partner’s skin “slap, slap, slaps” together, or when your stomachs go “gloop, bloop, blop” with each thrust. It’s completely normal for the body to […]
Tulip Adult Workshops: September Calendar! August 26, 2015 - Tulip’s mission is pleasure, education, and safety; what better way to spread the Tulip love and knowledge through fun adult workshops! Our Chicago workshops are donation-based or low cost and for everyone. Our in-house sexperts and guest sex educators, will teach you everything they know and products are passed around so you get the insider’s […]
Lingerie Galore! New Vintage, Modern & Contemporary Looks August 25, 2015 - New lingerie & garments available now at Tulip Chicago boutiques & worldwide online! …& Coming Soon to Tulip Lakeview… We’ll be announcing the launch of a Lingerie & Garments addition connecting to the boutique! While we’re working on making the new space look fabulous, come browse & shop BRAND NEW lingerie, apparel, garments and all […]
NEW TOMBOII Harness by SpareParts! August 23, 2015 - LIMITED TIME ONLY EXCLUSIVE PRICE! Plus free bullet vibe! Tulip received an early launch of the brand new TOMBOII harness by Spareparts! Until mid September, you can exclusively get yours at any Tulip boutique in Chicago, or online worldwide, at a limited time only introductory price!  Check out this amazing harness! The TOMBOII is a […]
National Masturbation Month May 14, 2015 - In celebration of National Masturbation Month, in case you’d like an upgrade, want to try new sensations, or your handy pleasure tool has been worn-out, we’re offering 20% off your entire order this May to help get a great deal on the sex toy you deserve & want! Enter coupon code PLEASURE at checkout for […]

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