Lube It Up!!! A quick breakdown on lubes.

Many people are overwhelmed by the amount of Lube choices there are out there! What kind is for me?! Do I want Water based? Oil based? Silicone?!? Where do I start!??! Here are some great things to remember when shopping for a new bottle of slippery goodness:

There are 3 main lubes to be aware of.

Water Based: A water-based lube is usually most people’s first choice, as it can be used on virtually anything. It is condom safe as well as toy safe. This lube is nonstaining and easy to clean. They are known for drying up a tad fasted than a silicone lube, but that’s nothing a little saliva can’t fix! The feeling of this lube best duplicates the feeling of saliva or water. Great options are Sliquid H20, Swiss Navy water base, and JO certified Organic (for more of a water-base gel feeling)

Silicone Based: Silicone lubes are more of a long-lasting lube. They have GREAT staying power! Some can even double as a sensual massage oil. They are also condom safe. The thing to remember about silicone lube is this: Silicone and Silicone DO NOT get along! Therefore using this type of lubricant on your silicone toy is not a good idea, as it will erode your toy after time. Yet, using it on a latex toy is completely fine. One must be careful where they using this lube as it is resistant to water and might stain your sheets. Great options are PJUR original, Uberlube and WET platinum.

Oil Based: Oil based lubes are ideal for masturbating, fisting, and handjobs. They are NOT latex condom friendly as they will break down your condom. That goes for rubber and latex toys as well. They are very thick–think Vaseline. Great options are Original Formula Elbow Grease and Boy Butter.

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