National Masturbation Month

In celebration of National Masturbation Month, in case you’d like an upgrade, want to try new sensations, or your handy pleasure tool has been worn-out, we’re offering 20% off your entire order this May to help get a great deal on the sex toy you deserve & want! Enter coupon code PLEASURE at checkout for big savings this month Happy Masturbating!:)

Tulip believes in every person’s right to masturbate as much as they want! Self exploration and self-pleasure are our human rights & instincts. In the theme of self sexual exploration, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite adult products designed to create different, unique or new sensations.

Njoy Pure Wand

The temperature play with this medical grade pure stainless steel (hand-polished) combined with the weight and curvature: make this a G (or P) Spot’s dream come true. We’ve heard many say the Pure Wand can easily become your first time squirting toy if you’ve never squirted before. Cool to the touch, temperature play can heighten with dipping in warm water or placing in the fridge for a few minutes. Without playing with heat and cold, the pure wand will adapt to your body temperature, providing a hard and heavy, yet warm & realistic feel. (See Pyrex glass toys for the same unique and thrilling temperature play capabilities!)


Stronic Pulsators

Not a vibrator, a pulsator. Think of a fully powered shake-weight, designed for pleasure! Fun Factory is always on the top of the adult vibrator market with innovative and fun pleasure machines. The line of Stronic Pulsators are designed for handsfree penetration- from low speeds to intense thrusts, 100% water submersible and comes with a Manufacturer’s Warranty, if you’re tired of vibrations and want to be penetrated, this toy will provide endless unique stimulation.


3 Vibrating Motors: Fifi

The external stimulator of this luxe rabbit-style vibrator, is what makes it so special: two rabbit ears with a vibrating motor in each, will provide unique and powerful sensations. You can play around with several intensities and vibration patterns, however we think the oscillating mode is the most sublime, each petal taking turns vibrating on each side, back and forth. There is a third motor on the internal shaft, the trinity of motors pin-point exhilarating vibrations, on all the good spots. 100% platinum silicone, 100% waterproof submersible, comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and is rechargeable.

Je Joue FiFi2

Red Zinger

Some vibes produce a tingly or zingy vibration, others make a deep thudding feel; not all vibrators vibe equally! If you’re looking for an upgrade in power and want to try a, just like the name suggests, a zingy & tingly type of vibration, the red zinger is an affordable but extremely mighty little bullet. It will provide a different sensation with a wheel of speed variations to experiment with.


Cobra Libre

From the same makers of the Stronic Pulsators, is the Cobra Libre. 2 motors creating intense deep vibrations intended for the head of the penis. It’s discreet and definitely unique: the power and soft silicone mouth-like opening provides ultra stimulation to the most sensitive areas.



We mention these all the time too, they are our best-selling penis toy by far. We’ve never heard a bad review in 10 years. The amount of suction is adjustable, the insides are masterfully crafted for extreme pleasure. The soft skin is non-toxic and feels very realistic. Paired up with a good lube, fleshlights are big treats.


Fully Adjustable Shaft Swing: iRabbit

By hand, you can adjust the shaft to swing drastically or lightly, no other 100% silicone rabbit does this. The iRabbit offers a customizable, multispeed dual-stimulation experience which gives you total control. Experiment with just how much angle you like, possibly hit spots you’ve never hit before, while the external stimulator vibrates at different speeds.

ivibeiRabbit blk

Bouncer Dildo

Feel the very unique sensation of balls shaking inside a silky coat of platinum silicone with the Bouncer Dildo. We weren’t kidding when we said Fun Factory is the innovative leader in the adult toy market! The balls bounce inside, creating a different, subtle yet deep vibration while also adding a bit of weight for intensified g or p spot stimulation. Bonus: The base suction cups tightly on most flat and dry surfaces for hands-free action!


Don’t Forget the Lube!

Lube adds to pleasure when using sex toys, even if you’re already plenty wet! Although saliva is great, a really good lube can tremendously intensify feeling. With silicone adult products, we recommend using a water-based or hybrid lubricant. Hybrids are a great option if you want something that will last longer that water-based and won’t stain fabric or be difficult to clean up like a silicone-based. Sliquid makes Sliquid Silk, available in organic too. Gun Oil Force Recon is a Hybrid favorite as well. Check out our categorized lube section for an easy lube shopping experience!


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