Two Sex Toys That You Just Can’t Miss Out On

There are multiple things to please you here at Tulip, but I’d like to focus on two toys that are on the high-end side of our piggy banks. For the sheer fact that they are new and improved, upgraded sex toys with groundbreaking techniques to spice up your life and love. Self love could not be more important; keeping the doctor away and keeping your happiness at an all-time high. So let’s get to it, shall we?

One of the newest Fun Factory additions is the Stronic series. They look like a traditional dildos/vibrators, but they’re far from it. The mechanism inside the toy actually pulsates and thrusts in a penetrative motion. The toy itself has a matte finishing silicone, so unlike the sticky silicone that seems to pick up more dust, this gives a sexier feel and can give you the pleasure you deserve. The retail value is $200. A steep price that’s worth every cent because of its groundbreaking thrusting technology. It takes about 16 hours to fully charge and lasts a powering three hours–enough time to reach orgasm for all parties involved. It works best if you lie down and let it do the work for you, which can be the best part of the toy.

Another toy that Tulip carries is the highly rated We-Vibe 4. It’s in its fourth installment because the company has taken advice from, who better, the users in order to create the latest toy in the series. Upgrading it from tips to make it better than ever, this toy is a smooth, silky matte silicone and has an impressive shape for both external and internal stimulation. The new design literally hugs into you, staying in place for optimal stimulation. It comes with a remote so you can lay back and control the multiple settings that the toy offers. With a G-spot stimulation device, it will not disappoint. The vibrations are stronger then its predecessor, but the main upgrade is the aim of stimulation. Also, it’s much stiffer, which is a must for it to stay put and do its job. Just a small squirt of lube goes a long way with this toy, and I also recommend to wear it during intercourse! The retail value is $149, but, like I said it’s more bang for your buck.

In addition to those two stellar pieces, Tulip also carries Lelo, Pico Bong and more Fun Factory toys that have high prices for a valued experience. You will have to come in and see it for yourself! We have floor models available to help you feel how it works (on your hand, of course) and what different settings each toy offers. Self love has never been easier.

Please feel free to ask any Tulip associate any questions because one of the most important things that we offer is education. Come in today! Also, like Tulip Toy Gallery on Facebook and get 10% off your next purchase!

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Seth -Tulip Sexpert


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