What is a Packy?


What is packy?

In addition to the variety of anal toys and erect dildos that Tulip carries, we also carry a number of flaccid silicone penises, also known as a packy. Many customers have questioned what they are for, and we are here to answer!

Packing dildos, or “packies,” are typically used for an individual to help perform a gender identity. While this often includes trans men or genderqueer masculine-of-center folk, packing is not limited to any specific gender. Anyone who wants a bit of a bulge can pack by using erect dildos (hard packing), socks or flaccid dildos (soft packing). The idea is to help an individual perform their desired gender identity.

Tulip currently carries the Vamp silicone Bella Packy in sizes small and large in various colors/skin tones, as well as one pack-and-play model: New York Toy Collective’s Shilo. Shilo is great for soft packing as well as dildo play with a partner, containing wire mechanisms to bend with the desired use.

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