Archive | January, 2009

Yell It From The Rooftops

Last weekend was business as usual: after a brief visit to Tulip, I took the train home. As each one of the upcoming stops were announced, I kept my eyes on the passengers around me. None of them could know what I was keeping in my backpack. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire way home. […]

Safer Sex for Dykes

As a supposed sex educator who has always cautioned friends to revel safely in their promiscuity, I’ve been a bit of a hypocrite. For a long time, I found girl/girl safer sex an uncomfortable prospect, if not wholly repulsive. I got tested biannually. I demanded that the smattering of bio-boys I fucked wear condoms. I […]

Owning My Cock

Believe it or not, I used to be a sexual purist. When I first came out as a babydyke in the Kansas City LGBT scene (see Holden, we hillbilly Kansans can be queer as fuck, too), I dated a bright, punky femme who described herself as ‘a freak in bed,’ and had been sleeping with […]

Oh So Pomo

I just concluded an hour-long tirade directed toward my poor (very patient) girlfriend, Alexandra, by shouting, “I really think I’m this shifting Venn diagram of postmodern bullshit! Like, some queer, bi-gendered/genderqueer-but-hardly-andro faggy dyke who loves performing femme…but only with a self-reflexive drag queen aesthetic, you know?! I mean, really I’m just a gay boy.” What […]

Size Queen: Why We Strive For Size

Oh, the penis; that famous and infamous extension of the male body which seems to garner inordinate attention in everything from television and magazines to casual conversation amongst friends. Both feared and held sacred, the male member has been deemed a fascinating creature by so many, never ceasing to provide hours of conversation, both internal […]

Pleasure World, Part III

I share a vision with some of my fellow Tulips (the audacious counterpublic of Pleasure World) of a social space which transgresses the trappings of institutionalized domesticity, the capital Ms that pose just as much of a threat to our community as the Westboro Baptist Church—Marriage and Monogamy. Good, clean, wholesome, state-sanctioned and primetime-approved intimacy. […]