Archive | June, 2009

Clocking Out!

This is my last shift as a Tulip. It’s a lot like my first- Berwyn and Clark is the same quiet kitschy corner and my Pandora music station is still set to “Ne-Yo.” Every few hours a gay man comes in and buys a big bottle of Maximus (the first thing I sold here). Of […]

“Baby, it’s hot outside!”

White linen, short minis, bare-skin, fogged designer sunglasses, de-frizz hair serum, cold drinks, ultra-fresh produce, restaurant mist-fans, poolside umbrellas, and skyrocketing a/c bills adding to the already too-high overhead costs for local businesses. Red-faced tourists under floppy hats and the homeless, selling Evian from coolers at traffic lights, are the only ones naïve or desperate […]

I Would Go Out Tonight, But I Haven’t Got a Stitch To Wear

I’ve come to think of Boystown as a ghetto, especially upon reading Guillaume Dustan’s semi-autobiographical novel, “Dans ma chamber”. He describes the neighborhood where he lives in such a manner as to render it nearly indistinguishable from, say, Boystown: the economics of his neighborhood revolve around hair and tanning salons, bars and nightclubs, sex clubs, […]

Given the Times…

I’m a classy broad with champagne taste; for Andre, specifically. Cook’s if I’m feelin’ frisky. My product purchases aren’t due to preference, but based on tough times and limited by necessity. When you work two jobs and can just barely make rent, afford groceries, or cough up cash to see a doctor when you’re huddled […]

Hand In Glove

A friend of mine recently recited a poem by Anne Carson which prompted me to return to the volume he drew from, wherein I found another poem I was pleased I’d underscored when I first read it. In this poem Carson poses a question–“What really connects words and things?”–but the question is both a rift […]