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For J, with love

Go back, go back. Go over it. Brotherboi. Try to remember. The “you” of now is not an academic revelation. It is the “you” of always. Someone once told you to put your shirt on during t-ball, to cover what you could not see and did not yet understand would be inescapable. Prepped for and […]

Genderblur Scene II

He watches her from across the bar as she casually tosses her long red hair and sways to the music. He sips his beer, quietly admiring, as her hands caress each curve of her body. Her tight black dress creeps toward her waist, revealing a tantalizing flash of inner thigh. He notices her, noticing him, […]

Tradition or Satisfaction?

My grandmother never had an orgasm. She was beautiful, curvy, intelligent, strong, and quick-witted. She married twice, and gave birth to six children. SIX. My grandfather was the love of her life and their deep connection radiated throughout our family with an awe-inspiring understanding of unconditional love. She had hard times and many more good […]

New Submission

Come here. Sit down. I know, I know -that romance thing is for the monogamists, for the kids of “B” movies and drunk high school proms, for your mom and dad who now hate each other, for some dark-haired hero from your childhood that is not coming. I know, I know- we’re too radical, too […]