Happy Mother’s Day!

This blog entry is dedicated to all the mothers; whether you’re a mother to your son, daughter, puppy, garden, a business or any creation~ Happy Mother’s Day! I consider myself a mother: I nurture, love, live for and take care of my 2 dogs, cat, and Tulip Toy Gallery! There are all kinds of mothers, today can be about unconditional love and nurturing devotion!

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We-Vibe 4 with remote purpleHere is a guide to some of our favorite Mother’s Day products:

We-Vibe 4

This couple’s and solo toy can be used in so many ways!

– During penetration for additional internal and external stimulation

– In public or long distance. Wireless Remote. Smartphone App for long distance.

–  As a handjob stroker

–  Hands-free dual stimulation masturbation

 Kegel Exercisers


Ami Kegel Set

As tension builds during sex, the PC muscle holds onto that energy until it’s ready to be released. So, the stronger it is, the more tension it can hold and the deeper the climax. Kegel balls that contain little balls inside them create a subtly arousing sensation as you move around, teasing as you tone.

If you have a male partner, Kegel balls can lead to a whole new sexual experience when you use your stronger PC muscle to grip him during sex.

Health: A stronger PC muscle leads to improved bladder control.


LoveLife Kegel Set

Pregnancy: Practicing Kegel exercises pre-pregnancy helps to keep your pelvic floor sturdy and prepares your PC muscle for delivery, while after the birth, Kegel exercises can help to speed up recovery, restoring tightness and increasing sensitivity for you and your partner during sex.

Menopause: Strengthening your PC muscle can enhance your natural vaginal lubrication, sexual response and urinary control during the physiological changes of menopause.

The pubococcygeus or ‘PC’ muscle stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx and supports your pelvic organs and internal genitalia. It’s the muscle you use to control urine flow, and is also the muscle that naturally contracts during an orgasm.

Kegel exercises (named after the American gynaecologist, Dr Kegel, who popularized them in the 1970s), are designed to tone and strengthen your PC muscle. A strong PC muscle is the key to more intense orgasms and greater urinary control, as well as a host of other benefits.

You can practice Kegel exercises on your own by flexing and holding the PC muscle, but Kegel balls can help to focus those efforts more precisely. Kegel balls are weights that are inserted into the vagina – you contract your PC muscle to grip the ball and hold it in place. Many also have another small ball inside that moves around when inserted, helping the PC muscle to sense movement and grip against it.


Smart Balls


Mia 2

Discreet Vibes


Many of our customers ask for discreet and waterproof vibrators. If our household is full, sometimes discreet, quiet and waterproof are essentials. Sometimes the shower is the only time we have to ourselves, or we’re worried about someone stumbling upon our bedroom toys. Lelo’s Mia 2 looks like a USB hardrive stick- It charges to your computer just like one too; Mini, quiet, waterproof and ultra discreet. The Hide & Play Lipstick Vibe looks just like a lipstick but packs several quiet yet powerful modes of vibration. The Vibrating Sponge is, well, exactly that; a vibrating sponge! Waterproof, discreet and powerful. We also carry a vibrating rubber duckie, crafted as child-proof (you have to grab a screwdriver to turn this duck on).


Hitachi Magic Wand

If noise isn’t of your major concern, but maybe time is~ the Hitachi Magic Wand is an absolute must. The infamous Hitachi is the most powerful toy we sell. 2 settings is all you need with thsex_in_the_shower_vibrating_mesh_sponge_1e lower setting delivery pelvis trembling deep vibrations. You may not need to take your pants off for this one~ quick pleasure time and time again! If someone happens to stumble upon it, well it’s a back massager! Even though it’s large, bulky, plugs into a wall outlet, and is really, really loud; it remains as Tulip’s #1 best selling vibrator for the last 10 years.



If noise is of concern and you want something more portable: Fun Factory’s Layaspot  has a sleek deceiving look and can also be called a “pressure point massager”. Shower proof, quiet, several vibration modes, ergonomically designed with a discreet appearance.

The Semenette

If you’re thinking about becoming a mommy to a child, or are simply looking for a fun squirting dildo, The Semenette® is a novelty sex toy that allows partners to “mimic traditional

the-semenette-squirting-dildointercourse” through its proprietary inner tubing and pump system, re-creating intercourse and ejaculation in the privacy of their own home. No more using turkey basters or syringes to mimic an ejaculation with your partner – The Semenette® allows you to have a very realistic and intimate experience whenever

the mood strikes. Who knows, maybe you can even conceive with love while having a little fun!


Aphrodisiac Body Mist


Feeling Sexy

Whether you’re with a partner or having a much deserved quiet night to yourself, feeling sexy inside and out is an amazing feeling.  A sexy lingerie set or a simple silky satin robe..an aphrodisiac bubble bath followed by sprinkles of honey dust with a mist of your favorite perfume.. Once in a while I’ll get myself all sexed up for absolutely no other reason than it makes me feel good. It’s  a time dedicated to nurturing yourself,


KamaSutra Honey Dust

which in turn boosts self esteem, confidence and more.  (Masturbation equally as important!)


Pheromone Infused Shave Cream and Lingerie Wash


To keep in Mother’s Day theme, here are some educational and fun books to check out:

Sexy Mamas- Keeping Your Sex Life Alive While Raising Kidsmominatrix's-guide-to-sexconfessions-of-a-naughty-mommy-book




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