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Pleasure World, Part II

“We play in playgrounds without the rubber floors and soft edges. Most prefer plastic over rusted metal jungle gyms where the paint peels off when we grab with our little hands and decorate our palms with colorful confetti. They can call it dirt and hurt our feelings but we won’t care when we press our […]

Pleasure World

Below is one of our favorite quotes from Pat Califia’s important essay collection, Public Sex. Califia is the Big Daddy of what we at Tulip call “pleasure world” (pleasure world being public spaces for sex and talk unfettered from traditional models of sociality, mainly marriage and monogamy; pleasure world is all about re-imagining the social […]

Sexual Well Being at Tulip

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Tulip Toy Gallery is a different kind of sex toy store. With our wide range of products, from unique BDSM gear and gorgeous dildoes and vibes to fashion-forward clothing and an impressive array of literature, Tulip is proud of the holistic, cutting-edge approach we take to […]