No More Pain: 4 Quick tips to help make anal more pleasurable

Anal sex is (and will continue to be) a taboo topic for both straight and gay couples alike. What’s more taboo is how to make anal MORE pleasurable and LESS painful. Here are four tips on how to help make your anal experience the best:

1. There is no such thing as too much lube!
Before any insertion, you must make sure you generously apply lube. Generally, what works best is a silicone or hybrid* lubricant.

2. Start small then work your way up.
Like most muscles, it takes awhile to get your sphincter warmed up for anal play. Start off with a finger, then two, and so on. An investment in an anal plug or small toy could also help. (Just remember that silicone-based lube and silicone toys are not best friends! In such a case, switch over to a water-based lube OR place a condom over your toy.)

3. Take it slow.
When it comes to anal play, the worst thing you could possibly do is rush through it. Take your time to make sure your body is comfortable and that your anal muscles are relaxed before things get too hot.

4. Don’t double dip!
If you’re looking to switch over from anal to vaginal play, take a break to make sure a fresh condom is being used or that the penetrating object is cleaned well. It’ll make life post-anal play a lot better!

*Hybrid lubricants are like the best of both worlds. They consist of part water and part silicone, which gives you a thicker lube that’ll stay slick the whole time you’re using it. They are also silicone-toy friendly!

And there it is, folks! Now get home and get to the gettin’ it on!

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