Pyrex Dildos

The first time I saw a Pyrex dildo I was terrified, all the worst scenarios crossed my mind — glass shatters!  Before then, I had only seen blown glass in jewelry, art, and pipes.  Just like I never attempted to put glass anywhere inside my body, I definitely had never thought about putting glass in my vagina before…

I learned the facts first. There are many types of glass dildos available. Pyrex dildos are virtually unbreakable and retain temperature quickly and perfectly. Temperature play can create unique and thrilling sensations.

Okay, but still, temperature play sounded interesting and hearing that Pyrex dildos are very durable was comforting- but it’s still hard glass! Back then, I always chose the softest, silkiest silicone vibrator or dildo.  I still couldn’t understand how something that hard and rough could be pleasurable. I decided to experiment and feel it for myself. I purchased a smooth, small, slightly curved Pyrex wand made by Pyrexions.

Years later, I’m a big Pyrex lover and have a collection! The first thing I tried was without any temperature play (at room temp). The way it retains temperature is my favorite part about Pyrex dildos. It adapted to my exact body temperature, which created a very unique feeling of having something heavy inside yet feeling very real, or like a part of you. By later purchasing a more u-shaped Pyrexions dildo, I explored g-spot stimulation for the first time. The weight on the g-spot is nicely intense, providing more stimulation without applying so much pressure like a light weight material.  It’s a completely different feeling; the body temperature combined with the weight is blissful.

I tried both warm and cold play too, and both are a lot of fun in different situations. I experimented with cold on my own and was not very fond of it, the cold made me tense up and it wasn’t as nice as warm penetration for me. However, playing with a partner using a cold Pyrex toy during foreplay is amazing: tracing cold glass along your partner’s belly button, nipples, neck, lips, back and inner thighs… the toy will heat up with body temperature during foreplay, preparing for insertion. Warm play can also be very nice during foreplay, think hot stone massage! Warm insertion is a similar feeling to the toy heating up to body temperature, a unique sensation while heavy & firm, applying just the right pressure.

There are many different designs, shapes, and sizes: smooth, curved, straight, ribbed with swirls or dots, “spinners” with handles,  half smooth and half ribbed, larger realistic tips to rounded ball tips. My personal favorite is still the classic: Curved (almost a U-shape) and smooth with larger balls on the ends. Every body is beautifully different- what one person likes more another may like less and vice versa. Experimenting with toys is so much fun and a great way to feel new, unique sensations and pleasures! I thought I liked only soft silky toys — and I still do! The sensations a Pyrex toy creates is not better or worse, just completely different. My toy box has soft, hard, straight, curved, ribbed, smooth, all types, because part of the fun is to switch it up and feel new sensations!

Tulip carries handmade quality Pyrex adult novelties hand-blown by Pyrexions. Because they are handmade and unique, our selection often varies. Email us for more information at

Warning: When playing with temperatures, be very careful not to burn yourself by over-heating or over-chilling the toy, use good judgement and always test the temperature on several parts of your body, starting with your fingers, arms, legs, etc, before using on genitals. To warm up Pyrex dildos, place in warm water for a few minutes. To chill a Pyrex toy, place in the fridge or running cold water.

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