Sexy/Nerdy Chicago

I’m a sucker for Egghead porn.

At this time of year, there is a lot to hate about Chicago. Well not Chicago, per se, but certainly the subzero temperatures, chilling winds, and the ever-late Chicago Transit Authority that has you waiting at a bus station for fifteen, twenty minutes, having you curse the very day you were born.

Regardless of cruel, cruel Mother Nature, there is still a lot to love about the city where we here at Tulip reside. The people, the places are a given. Sex: that is this city’s dirty little secret. While you may not feel comfortable walking into your neighborhood pub to chat about bondage with your unsuspecting bartender, Chicago reeks of sex, depending on where you look. For you Chicagoans out there, here are a couple ideas to spice up your time in the Windy City:

Leather Archives & Museum

Located in the Rogers Park neighborhood, the 10,000 square foot museum features exhibition galleries, archival storage space, an auditorium, and a reading library for all you curious minds craving to know more about leather culture. The museum’s mission goal? To compile and preserve all aspects of leather lifestyles for any and all gender/sexual orientations. Hot. And admission is only $5. Even hotter.

Gerber/Hart Library: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Information Resource and Archives

The Gerber/Hart Library is the largest LGBT circulating library in the Midwest. The mission of the library itself is to foster a sense of confidence and pride within the LGBTQ community, and to expel homophobia via awareness. Not only are the books you will find there incredible, but HIV/AIDS awareness ads over two decades old spread across the walls will take your breath away.

Block Museum

From now until early April, the Block Museum on Northwestern University’s campus will exhibit the early Polaroid works of Robert Mapplethorpe, one of the most controversial, sexually-charged artists of the twentieth century. On select nights, the theatre inside Block will screen films exploring the queer cultures in which Mapplethorpe lived and died.

Jane Addams Hull House Museum

What’s so sexy about the Hull House Museum? A whole lot, especially with the premiere of its documentary film series, Sex Positive (Pro Queer, Pro Sex, Pro Kink). Every second and fourth Tuesday features screenings regarding bisexuality, S&M, even the expanse and intimidating history of sex. AND it’s completely free.

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