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Tulip’s mission is pleasure, education, and safety; what better way to spread the Tulip love and knowledge through fun adult workshops! Our Chicago workshops are free or low cost and for everyone. Our in-house sexperts and guest sex educators, will teach you everything they know and products are passed around so you get the insider’s look. Class subjects range from Blowjob 101 to Bondage!



BDSM 101
Taught by Daddy Sky
January 27, 7pm
Tulip Lakeview Chicago
3459 N Halsted St

Learn the basics about BDSM play from our in-house BDSM Sexpert Daddy Sky! Tulip Toy Gallery invites all bodies, all sexualities, and all genders to attend!
Sky will cover the basics of consent, negotiating a scene, the basic essentials of a good toy bag, and several basic rope ties, basic restraint techniques, and positions.
Daddy Sky has been an active member of the BDSM/Leather/Kink community for almost 30 years. She is “fully functional in over 400 pleasure modes,” and will lead you through all the basic skill sets you need to begin playing safely.
This workshop will include hands-on instruction and allow individual practice time for those interested. If you have a partner, bring them along so you can both learn together!
Workshop attendees will be given a 20% courtesy towards the item of their choice to help begin a great toy bag!
As in all of Tulip’s Sexed Workshops, we serve wine and cookies to all of our guests: Sex talk, a glass of wine, and toys.. Come Join Us!

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G Spot & Squirting:
Looking for your G-spot? Ken Melvoin-Berg & Sunny Megatron will teach you all about this 8th wonder of the world just in time for Valentines Day. Learn tips and techniques you won’t find anywhere else!In this class you’ll learn how to find the g-spot, ways to manipulate it, and how to combine g-spot play with other types of stimulation. We’ll dispel the myths about female ejaculation and teach you which techniques and tools are most likely to turn you and/or your partner into Old Faithful. If you are able to squirt, we will increase your chances of achieving uberwetness. This class is open to givers and recievers of all genders and sexual orientations.  It’s great to attend either alone or as a couple.

Prostate Milking for Beginners
Taught by Sunny Megatron & Ken
Location: 3459 N Halsted St
These pipes are clean! Ken and Sunny guide you through the act of prostate massage for fun and good health. Although this class is for everyone, we’ll focus on men with concerns about anal play. Of course we will address anatomy, biological processes, relaxation, arousal, and ejaculation. If you have a prostate, this act will not only double your orgasms, it can also reduce your rate of prostate cancer.

Pleasing the Pussy, Cunnilingus 101
Taught by Sunny & Ken
Location: 3459 N Halsted St
Join Sunny and Ken for a memorable afternoon of funnilingus (cunnilingus that’s fun and funny) Unlike other oral sex classes, this one is taught from both a giver and receiver’s perspective. We’ll go over female anatomy, hygiene, technique, safer sex tools, the etiquette of dental dams plus extras like incorporating the act into your BDSM scenes from a top and bottom perspective. We’ll also talk about what goes through your head while giving or getting head: get tips on how to get into the right headspace (<– not so accidental pun), how to please (and locate) different female erogenous zones, how to battle a sore neck, how to figure out what your partner likes and a lot more. Please RSVP to this workshop by visiting:

How to Give a World Class Blow Job:
Join Sunny and Ken for a memorable evening of fun and fellatio! Unlike other blow job classes, this one is taught from both a giver and receivers perspective.
We’ll go over anatomy, technique, safer sex tools, the etiquette of swallowing and spitting plus extras like hand jobs and perineal/prostate massage. We’ll also talk about what goes through your head while giving or getting head: get tips on how to get into the right headspace (<– not so accidental pun), how to give a confident blow job, how to battle a sore jaw, how to compensate for a small mouth, how to figure out what your partner likes best and a lot more.
This will be an interactive evening as participants have the option to practice everything they learn on their very own “stunt cock.” And of course, with Ken and Sunny, the class is sure to provide lots of laughter!
This class is open to givers and receivers of all genders and sexual orientation. It is also a lot of fun to attend as a couple.

Soulmates and Twin Flames
Taught by Heather Basl
Location: 3459 N Halsted St
Souls are often partnered for function and for pleasure. Each soul has several soulmates and after mastering lessons with these soulmates gets reunited with a twin flame.  Soulmates help us through our biggest wounds, they help us grow and learn so we can later become evolved enough to be in a twin flame relationship.  We will learn the difference between the two and how to move forward and master long standing lessons to reach twin flame potential.  A Twin flame is your other half or the same soul, the yin to your yang, the light to your dark and vice versa.  These important connections not only help us evolve but help the vibration of the entire planet.

About the Facilitators:


Ken and Sunny have multiple sell-out workshops which include: BDSM 101, Prostate Milking for Beginners, Ethical Non-Monogamy: Threesomes, Foursomes & Moresomes, Junk for your Junk: Sex Toys 101, ZAP! Electric Play: Wands, TENS & More, G-spots & Squirting and How to Give the World’s Best Blow Job.

Ken Melvoin-Berg is a Chicago based author, psychic, adult sexuality and BDSM educator. He has lectured about sex, relationships, and kink for over a decade all around the World. He lectures alone and with his beautiful better half, Sunny Megatron ( Link for online use https:// and is her co-host for “Outside the Box”. His largest claim to fame (shame?) was the infamous Fucksaw event at Northwestern University. Ken is the owner and chief Weirdo of Weird Chicago Tours. (Link for online

Sunny Megatron (link for online publication is sex and BDSM educator, blogger, and pleasure advocate. She teaches sexuality, relationship, and kink workshops across the U.S. with her partner and fiancé, Ken Melvoin-Berg.  Behind the scenes Sunny is copywriter penning how-to’s on sensual subjects ranging from commonplace to extreme. She has been featured in Huffington Post, AVN Magazine, XBIZ, as well as numerous sexuality blogs.  Her most current project is host of the sexual health and wellness web series “Outside the Box.” (link for online ). As a lifestyle BDSM player, Sunny is passionate about freedom of sexual expression, sex positivity, self exploration, and pleasure based sex ed. Her goal is to normalize alternate sexuality practices and end sexual stigma.

Heather Faun Basl

heather-baslHeather Faun Basl is an intuitive counselor, reader, medium, and instructor for spiritual health and wellness. She is the founder of grace angels. Heather started with connecting and healing animals on her wildlife preserve, and grew into connecting with people and assisting their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.
When her father passed on this opened a new awareness of dimensions and connection, this led her to her present medium work and helping others reconnect and receive messages from their loved ones. The medium work opened into intuitive work and just a passion with helping people get clarity with their own life struggles and move into a more peaceful place within.
She now uses her intuition to assist people with their life purpose, dreams, relationships, and aligning with spirit, helping others to trust their own intuition and see the blessings in all situations.
Education & Background: Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI BS in Biology Pre Med. Curtain University Perth Australia abroad studies. Massage School at Irene’s Myomassalogy
Massage: Licenced Therapist. Training in Deep tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Sports, Prenatal, Infant, Trigger point, Golfer’s massage, and Lymphatic drainage.
Energy Healing: Healing Touch, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Medical Intuitive, Cranial Sacral, and The Journey.
Intuitive Experience: Akashic Records-8 yrs, Mediumship-10yrs, Meditation, Prayer, and Intuitive Readings-10 yrs.
Health & Wellness- Detox programs, vegan and vegetarian foods, herbology, and flowers essences.
Spiritual Teacher: Energy healing, Akashic Records, mentoring and intuitive developmental classes.