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Some Of My Favorite Bondage Supplies

Here at Tulip we have a wide selection of bondage accessories; but the selection can be a little overwhelming for beginners who don’t know where to start. Here are a few tried and true suggestions that are sure to have that special person in your life squealing with enjoyment. Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint […]

Date Night Ideas and Sex Tips

Tulip has everything you need to have a sexy, luxurious, loving, pleasurable, and monumental hot date. Whether you are alone or with a partner, these toys will guarantee a memorable night! Here are some date night ideas and sex tips to spoil you and/or your loved one… 1- A naughty massage, with more than just […]

Valentine’s Day Workshops at Tulip: How to Give a World Class Blow Job and G Spot & Squirting!

Here’s how to sign-up: Email [email protected] Call Tulip Lakeview at (773) 975-1515 or Tulip Andersonville (773) 275-6110 Tuesday, February 11th 2014 Location: Tulip Lakeview, 3459 N Halsted St Time: 8pm-10pm Cost: Free ! How to Give a World Class Blow Job: Join Sunny and Ken for a memorable evening of fun and fellatio! Unlike other […]

Sexy/Nerdy Chicago

I’m a sucker for Egghead porn. At this time of year, there is a lot to hate about Chicago. Well not Chicago, per se, but certainly the subzero temperatures, chilling winds, and the ever-late Chicago Transit Authority that has you waiting at a bus station for fifteen, twenty minutes, having you curse the very day […]

Use it or Not?

As the holidays approach and we have our attention turned to the economy, I think this is a good time to not only look at international spending habits, but also our own right here at home. A friend of mine recently posted on her facebook page that buying from local businesses would help turn the […]

Not for the faint of heart, or hand: Vaginal Fisting

Vaginal Fisting (“fist-fucking, or “handballing”) specifically refers to the delicate and sensuous art of vaginal penetration, encompassing the entirety of a human hand and wrist (while synthetic toys are available to achieve the same goal, it’s more scrumptious to use one with a pulse). Why a fist? Although penises, dildos, and vibrators provide particular and […]

Sex Date and Toy

Sexy Date and A Toy: Go Get a drink in a hotel bar. Sure the economy is rough and you love dive bars. I completely understand, but when’s the last time you and your honey treated yourselves to a swanky cocktail at a swanky hotel? You don’t have to be staying there to enjoy the […]

Santa Baby

Santa Baby, “Stuff this Stocking!” 10 Stocking Stuffers that Won’t Break the Bank P-Style- Ladies, pee standing up in style! $ 15 Sugar sak- keeps your toys dust and germ-free when they’re not being used $13 Innervibe vibrating finger-vibe- fits in your purse! $10 Innervibe vibrating cockring- great for cockring first-timers $10 Jimmy Jane Iconic […]

Tulip at Chances Dances

Sometimes we at Tulip Toy Gallery get the opportunity to collaborate with community organizations that benefit vital programs here in Chicago. Last Monday, November 15th, we had a great time sponsoring Chances Dances, a monthly dance party put on by Chances Dances at The Subterranean in Wicker Park—just up the street from our newest store. […]

SM 101

One of my recent favorites…SM 101 by Jay Wiseman SM 101 is a frank introduction to Sadomasochism. At 391 pages, author, Jay Wiseman, takes an incredible degree of care in defining SM play, its basic techniques, how to find SM partners and play safe as well as many many other valuable insights for everyone from […]

Tell Me More, And Then Some

Now that I’m teaching again I have the pleasure of writing lecture notes. What is nice about the practice of writing lecture notes is that one is afforded the opportunity to experiment with different readings of texts that, at this point at least, I have read 3 different times in the context of teaching this […]

“When did you know?”

“When did you know?”, they ask eagerly. This question strikes me oddly. I always hesitate, unsure of how to answer. There was no big discovery. Their face swims before me, open and seeming to expect some big confession while I imagine waking up one morning, suddenly aware of my deepest desires. It didn’t happen that […]

Put Me in Your Dry Dreams, Put Me in Your Wet; A Personal Anecdote on Love, or Sex, or Both

Venn Diagrams: a staple of my 6th grade English class. Used primarily for comparing and contrasting the traits of heroes and villains from our greasy books. As a heinously awkward, four-eyed, bookish Strangling, drawing those two stupid interconnected circles was the highlight of my day. The analytical son-of-a-gun I’ve always been, it really was just […]

Chicago: My Kind of Town!

Every couple of months or so, I go through a pretty exhausting existential crisis. I analyze the whats and wheres of life, trying to answer the unanswerable questions. You know, just like every other over-analytical twentysomething on the planet. Naturally, like the masochist I am, I found myself smack-dab in the middle of my most […]

Clocking Out!

This is my last shift as a Tulip. It’s a lot like my first- Berwyn and Clark is the same quiet kitschy corner and my Pandora music station is still set to “Ne-Yo.” Every few hours a gay man comes in and buys a big bottle of Maximus (the first thing I sold here). Of […]

“Baby, it’s hot outside!”

White linen, short minis, bare-skin, fogged designer sunglasses, de-frizz hair serum, cold drinks, ultra-fresh produce, restaurant mist-fans, poolside umbrellas, and skyrocketing a/c bills adding to the already too-high overhead costs for local businesses. Red-faced tourists under floppy hats and the homeless, selling Evian from coolers at traffic lights, are the only ones naïve or desperate […]

I Would Go Out Tonight, But I Haven’t Got a Stitch To Wear

I’ve come to think of Boystown as a ghetto, especially upon reading Guillaume Dustan’s semi-autobiographical novel, “Dans ma chamber”. He describes the neighborhood where he lives in such a manner as to render it nearly indistinguishable from, say, Boystown: the economics of his neighborhood revolve around hair and tanning salons, bars and nightclubs, sex clubs, […]

Given the Times…

I’m a classy broad with champagne taste; for Andre, specifically. Cook’s if I’m feelin’ frisky. My product purchases aren’t due to preference, but based on tough times and limited by necessity. When you work two jobs and can just barely make rent, afford groceries, or cough up cash to see a doctor when you’re huddled […]

Hand In Glove

A friend of mine recently recited a poem by Anne Carson which prompted me to return to the volume he drew from, wherein I found another poem I was pleased I’d underscored when I first read it. In this poem Carson poses a question–”What really connects words and things?”–but the question is both a rift […]

For J, with love

Go back, go back. Go over it. Brotherboi. Try to remember. The “you” of now is not an academic revelation. It is the “you” of always. Someone once told you to put your shirt on during t-ball, to cover what you could not see and did not yet understand would be inescapable. Prepped for and […]

Genderblur Scene II

He watches her from across the bar as she casually tosses her long red hair and sways to the music. He sips his beer, quietly admiring, as her hands caress each curve of her body. Her tight black dress creeps toward her waist, revealing a tantalizing flash of inner thigh. He notices her, noticing him, […]

Tradition or Satisfaction?

My grandmother never had an orgasm. She was beautiful, curvy, intelligent, strong, and quick-witted. She married twice, and gave birth to six children. SIX. My grandfather was the love of her life and their deep connection radiated throughout our family with an awe-inspiring understanding of unconditional love. She had hard times and many more good […]

New Submission

Come here. Sit down. I know, I know -that romance thing is for the monogamists, for the kids of “B” movies and drunk high school proms, for your mom and dad who now hate each other, for some dark-haired hero from your childhood that is not coming. I know, I know- we’re too radical, too […]

Genderblur Scene I

Man: I am a Man. Woman: I am a Woman. Man: What makes you a woman? Woman: What makes you a man? Man: I have a penis. Woman: So do I…well…sometimes. I have breasts. Man: Im fairly certain Ive had breasts before. Woman: Ha! Well, I have a vagina, BUT, I cant carry a child. […]

Diary of a Gay Boy: What Sex Means

We’ve all heard it. Those sappy Lifetime-inspired Hallmark-worthy Oprah-ready phrases to describe how sex revolutionized a person’s life. “Making love,” “our sex was an expression of our affection,” “it means more when you’re with that special someone.” Please excuse me while I vomit (and not in the erotic fashion). Sex has long been assigned those […]

I Fisted a Girl and I Liked It

The first time it happened by accident. My girlfriend, Paris (stylish black femme with a misanthropic streak and penchant for obscure music —think: “um, I liked them before they were cool”) and I were in the throes of teenage lust. She was sprawled across the backseat of my car, tartan skirt hiked around her belly, […]

Bathhouse Envy

I admit it, I’m jealous. Seething with an insatiable desire and perpetual (phantom) hard-on. “It was…almost too good to be true,” my friend reminisces, grinning vacuously while I turn over his brand-new Steamworks membership card in my hand. “I could basically get anything I wanted!” I congratulate him and demand he describe every room in […]

Yell It From The Rooftops

Last weekend was business as usual: after a brief visit to Tulip, I took the train home. As each one of the upcoming stops were announced, I kept my eyes on the passengers around me. None of them could know what I was keeping in my backpack. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire way home. […]

Safer Sex for Dykes

As a supposed sex educator who has always cautioned friends to revel safely in their promiscuity, I’ve been a bit of a hypocrite. For a long time, I found girl/girl safer sex an uncomfortable prospect, if not wholly repulsive. I got tested biannually. I demanded that the smattering of bio-boys I fucked wear condoms. I […]

Owning My Cock

Believe it or not, I used to be a sexual purist. When I first came out as a babydyke in the Kansas City LGBT scene (see Holden, we hillbilly Kansans can be queer as fuck, too), I dated a bright, punky femme who described herself as ‘a freak in bed,’ and had been sleeping with […]

Oh So Pomo

I just concluded an hour-long tirade directed toward my poor (very patient) girlfriend, Alexandra, by shouting, “I really think I’m this shifting Venn diagram of postmodern bullshit! Like, some queer, bi-gendered/genderqueer-but-hardly-andro faggy dyke who loves performing femme…but only with a self-reflexive drag queen aesthetic, you know?! I mean, really I’m just a gay boy.” What […]

Size Queen: Why We Strive For Size

Oh, the penis; that famous and infamous extension of the male body which seems to garner inordinate attention in everything from television and magazines to casual conversation amongst friends. Both feared and held sacred, the male member has been deemed a fascinating creature by so many, never ceasing to provide hours of conversation, both internal […]

Pleasure World, Part III

I share a vision with some of my fellow Tulips (the audacious counterpublic of Pleasure World) of a social space which transgresses the trappings of institutionalized domesticity, the capital Ms that pose just as much of a threat to our community as the Westboro Baptist Church—Marriage and Monogamy. Good, clean, wholesome, state-sanctioned and primetime-approved intimacy. […]

Pleasure World, Part II

“We play in playgrounds without the rubber floors and soft edges. Most prefer plastic over rusted metal jungle gyms where the paint peels off when we grab with our little hands and decorate our palms with colorful confetti. They can call it dirt and hurt our feelings but we won’t care when we press our […]

Pleasure World

Below is one of our favorite quotes from Pat Califia’s important essay collection, Public Sex. Califia is the Big Daddy of what we at Tulip call “pleasure world” (pleasure world being public spaces for sex and talk unfettered from traditional models of sociality, mainly marriage and monogamy; pleasure world is all about re-imagining the social […]

Sexual Well Being at Tulip

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Tulip Toy Gallery is a different kind of sex toy store. With our wide range of products, from unique BDSM gear and gorgeous dildoes and vibes to fashion-forward clothing and an impressive array of literature, Tulip is proud of the holistic, cutting-edge approach we take to […]

Tulip Workshop

These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Tulip’s (Naughty) Holiday Gift Guide Wednesday, December 3 6:00-8:30 pm The Center on Halsted 3656 N. Halsted Street Chicago, IL Come join us for a discussion of all sex toys naughty (and not so nice), perfect gifts for friends, lovers, or yourself. We’ll talk about “safe” gifts […]

Tulip January Workshop

Spice It Up: Sex in the New Year January: Wednesday, 1/7 6:00pm Center on Halsted (this workshop is part of Woman-Identified Wednesdays) 3448 N. Halsted Street Chicago, IL (free) It’s a new year so why not take control of your sex life and have better sex? Think about your body as a site of multiple […]

Safer Sex Makes Me Hot…

As a sexual health educator for over two years, I’ve become very well acquainted with the condom. I’ve rolled them down plastic penis models, shot them across classrooms, licked them, put them over my head, handed them out as party favors, and always had one handy to give to a friend in need. They’re like […]

BDSM IS a Feminist Practice

The assertion that BDSM is a reproduction of existing power relations is fundamentally flawed. Inevitably it involves the eroticization of both power and strategic relations, but it stands in stark contrast to expressions of social and political power. The latter are “…stabilized through institutions, [so]…the mobility in power relations is limited…the strategic relations of people […]

Greetings From the Top: A very quick look at topping from a newly discovered dominant

Does your idea of foreplay include… blindfolding your partner so that they are entirely unable to see when and where your next touch will be? dripping, or perhaps ever pouring, scorching candle wax onto their unsuspecting flesh? handcuffing them to the bed, or better yet, tying their hands behind their back, eliminating their ability to […]

Tulip Loves, Part 2

1. Gigi rechargeable vibe – a great beginner vibrator because it starts at such a low intensity and has perfect g-spot stiumation (no guess work, no hunting around in that vagina!). – there are so many settings, almost everyone is sure to find one they like – vibrating blow jobs! – slender size is good […]

Tulip Loves, Part 1

1. The Bend-Over-Boyfriend Special- Wilde dildo (the dandy) and spareparts harness Wilde has a great angle for p-spot stimulation; inside bumps perfect for anal; non-realistic *Try Hydra Smooth Lube: nice and thick water-based lube for anal that lasts and lasts; not sticky or runny, moisturizing, 2. Spareparts Harness- sexy, comfortable, and accommodates all different shapes […]

Tulip Review: Sex Toys 101

Even someone who can’t wait to jump into the world of sex toys can be intimidated be the number of choices out there. Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah have created Sex Toys 101 for just those people. This clear, informative, and “playfully uninhibited guide” introduces just about every category of sex toy out there. Having […]

The Way to Be is Lucy B

Lucy B is an outstanding company specializing in pin-up couture and retro-inspired lingerie that is TO DIE FOR. Fans of Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, and Bettie Page will adore the lacy baby dolls and animal print bra and panties sets.  EVERYONE is encouraged to peruse our gorgeous selection as the sizes range from XS […]

Jett Rockit’s Big Gay Quotes:

“Why can’t they have gay people in the army? Personally, I think they are just afraid of a thousand guys with M16s going, ‘Who’d you call a faggot?’” –Jon Stewart “Homosexuality is regarded as shameful by barbarians and by those who live under despotic governments just as philosophy is regarded as shameful by them, because […]

New Art at Tulip Lakeview

New Art Coming to Tulip Lakeview We’re thrilled to feature the work of local artists Torie McMillan and Michelle Lee this summer at Tulip Lakview. Torie McMillan (June/July)-photography McMillan moved to Chicago from Houston two years ago. Photography and painting are her main mediums. Currently, her focus is on the queer community, with a special […]

Last Minute Sexy Gift Bag Ideas

Tulip Body Candle for $15 – a candle, available in three scents, that burns WARM for temperature play and turns into organic soy massage oil. Imagine blindfolding your partner and playing with the warm sensation of falling wax and afterward using the drops to give a sensual massage! The wax is completely organic and healthy […]