Company History

Tulip opened in 2005 in Chicago, Illinois. The company was conceived at the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business, where the previous owner began developing a business model and marketing plan. “Europe is ten years ahead of the United States in mainstream sexual well-being. Where the European equivalent of Walgreens is selling these items at the local drugstore, the U.S. consumer is left with seedy sex shops and ordering online from less than reputable websites,” says Tulip’s previous owner. ”We want to change that.”

Tulip was passed along to the company’s first manager and buyer, undergoing brand new ownership on December 1, 2013. “Tulip is a truly discrimination-free environment, pan-sexual, free of gender politics, and serious about pleasure and education”, says Camila, the new owner of Tulip, “I fell in love with the sex-positive community and company’s mission a decade ago, I can’t wait to spread the love!”

Tulip is designed for all people  to safely and comfortably shop for intimate toys in an upscale environment. Tulip is a queer woman-owned business.