There are women all over the country, indeed the world, who would rather sacrifice their favorite book, their new truck, a trip of a lifetime - anything - if it meant they could keep their vibrator.

We love our vibrators. We adore our vibrators and we need our vibrators.

Vibrators are machines with or without batteries. Electric Vibrators usually have more power, offer stronger vibrations, and often are used externally or with attachments, internally. Tulip highly recommends the hitachi magic wandHitachi Magic Wand and regards it as the Cadillac of vibrators - no woman should be without one! Honestly, what else costs fifty dollars and can give you all the orgasms you could ever want? Because battery powered vibrators are usually less powerful, Tulip recommends the Magic Wand, Accuvibe, or Whal , which have proven themselves to be strong and true. Vibrators have (pardon the pun) come a long way during the past decade and multitudes of women not only cherish them at home but also take them with them wherever they go. And we mean wherever.

Into swimming pools and hot tubs (using a waterproof vibrator of course). Onto airplanes (Why not? Nobody will know). In your office (working girls need a break too).

Vibrators are made in many shapes and sizes but they all have the same wonderfully fine purpose - to stimulate the clitoritis and the vagina and to do it in a way that is addictively wonderful. So wonderful that orgasmic summits are not only reached on a regular basis but also reached again and again when vibrators are used.

While vibrators continue to evolve, especially as more and more women enter the sex toy world, there are some things about them that will never change. Vibrators are electric or battery charged, waterproof, (Yes, Virginia you can take it into the shower.) or designed for use by couples or individuals. There are vibrators like the Pixie designed specifically to curve into the vagina and dance against the G-spot, some can be used without hands and strapped onto legs and waists such as the Strap-on Butterfly, some have dual-action pieces like the Rabbit Habit rabbit habitmade famous by Samantha on Sex and the City that stimulate the vagina and the clitoris at the same time. Some are designed to be used by couples so both parties can be stimulated at the same time.

Vibrators can be used for stimulation or penetration or both - thus the dual-action wonder Rabbit Habit. Samantha sure knew her stuff. But don't just take Samantha's word for it, also try the Butterfly or the Rock Your World (oh so aptly named). Many women love the intensity and consistency of the vibrator playing against their clitoris and held either by themselves or by a partner and others like the pulse and vibration from a vibrator that has been designed to fit into the vagina and move in ways that stimulate the sides and top of the vagina.

So many vibrators, so little time. But what better time to begin than now.

Tulip suggests trying a variety of vibrators - internal, external, large and small to see what you like while remembering that variety really is the spice of life - especially your sex life. The best sellers of course are the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Rabbit Habit. Take your pick and prepare to be satisfied.

Vibrators now come with a variety of attachments, in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, with various amounts of intensity - well, the possibilities are limitless and the best way to find out what you like is to try everything. Can you imagine how much fun you are about to have? Tulip knows how much fun you are going to have (Remember, all of our products have been personally tested.) and we cannot wait to get you started so check out our vibrators page.

Vibrators are terrific for solo play or for use with a partner and can not only add much to your erotic world - they can multiply it was well.

Before long, you won't leave home without one either.

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