Call it an artificial penis, call it your best friend, call it Mary or Bob, or whatever you want to call it but dildos have been around just about as long as the real thing.

And let's not forget to thank the great women of ancient Greece who used dildos to keep themselves happy when the men were out to sea and who shared their love of the artificial penis with their girlfriends and neighbors.

Legend has it that the word "dildo" comes from an Italian word meaning to delight. Ain't that the truth.

Dildos are used and made and designed to do just what a penis was designed to do but how wonderful that you now - unlike those poor ladies in olden times - can order every shape, color size and configuration possible. flameCan you imagine living in a world where you could not go to mytulip.com and order a dildo for overnight delivery wherever you are?

Dildos are designed to be used for anal or vaginal insertion and are either hand held or locked into a harness for use with a partner. While some dildos now come with some vibrating parts it's beyond common for many women to use both a dildo and an external vibrator when they are in the mood for some wild and remarkable pleasure.

Dildos are made with a variety of materials. Tulip recommends silicone because it maintains body heat, is easy to care for and clean, and holds up like something you have been dreaming about your entire life. Some high-end dildos are individual works of art which are typically hand blown glass (Pyrex). Aficionados love the aesthetic as well as the smooth, solid feel of a Pyrex glass dildo. Tulip takes the upmost care in choosing only the best quality-made glass dildos that are resistant to any cracking. There are also hard plastic dildos and dildos made out of good old-fashioned rubber - just like the good old days. Softskin dildos feel like a real penis! They are very soft and flexible and made from a semi-porous material that requires special care and cleaning.

Finding the perfect dildo is a delightful challenge because there are so many to choose from. Start out with what you know - Are you used to something small something medium or something large? Then think of shape. No one knows your vagina like you do and you know what shape fits your personal mold and what you have always been dying to try. Then - think color. How about a glorious red dildo to match the wine you are drinking during your love making session?

There are as many shapes and colors and sizes of dildos as there are desires floating inside of your lovely mind. Dildos come in a variety of sizes and widths. If you want a short, wide dildo - you can find it here. If you prefer something much longer but not as wide - Tulip has that as well. They also come in lots of different shapes. Some dildos are straight, others curved. Some are penis-inspired and have heads and others, for women who do not want a phallic-looking dildo, are not anatomically correct. Dildos can come with ridges, which for some women offer greater stimulation, and others are slick. Experimentation is a key to the use of all sexual toys and what could be better than a drawer filled with dildos that can fit your mood. Short, long, wide, curved - when it comes to dildos, more can definitely be better.

Remember if you are ordering a dildo to use with a harness make certain that it has a flat base so it can be properly attached to the harness. Then go to it.

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