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Read any health-related website and you will find no shortage of recommendations on how to take care of yourself from exercise, to eating right, to annual check-ups with your doctor.  Do this, don't do that, and definitely stay away from carcinogens.  So why is it that some sex toy stores sell dildos made of materials that are known carcinogens?  Well, because they can -- the general population is uninformed when it comes to sex toys.

Under the law, dildos are regarded as novelties and are not regulated. ImageThat means manufacturers can make dildos out of any material they want and sell it to you.  Fortunately, there are some quality companies out there who make dildos and vibrators out of the safest materials available:  silicone, vinyl, glass and hard plastics.

TULIP sifts through thousands of products on the market to bring you a collection of only the highest-quality, best made, safest sex toys.  The owners of TULIP have personally visited the manufacturer or distributor of every dildo we sell.  Our promise is simple:  We don't sell anything we wouldn't put in our own bodies.

TULIP is committed to bringing together the world's best selection of high-quality toys.  We have the best Germany has to offer, the best Japan has to offer, and the very best the United States has to offer.  At TULIP we know our dildos and vibrators!  And, we want to share that knowledge with you. 

ImageStop into any TULIP gallery (or call us at 1.877.70TULIP) and our trained sexperts will openly and honestly answer any question you have about your sex toys --whether or not you purchased them from TULIP.  We will educate you about the material used in your dildo, how you should clean them, what lubes are compatible, and if you should be using a condom on your dildo.

Remember, TULIP wants you to be happy and safe.

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