female orgasm

The female orgasm - as many as possible, please - is definitely what every woman, wants, needs and can never, so it seems, get enough of.  This woman-centered orgasm is so much more than a simple physical act of pleasure and so much more than what Masters, Johnson and Kinsey told us it was and could become.

ImageClinical experts tell us that the female orgasm is the moment when physical pleasure reaches its peak. Muscles contract.  Eyes close.  Vaginas lubricate.  Bodies tremble.  Uteruses contract.  Endorphins race through blood streams.  Bells ring.  Birds sing.  The world is beyond fine.

Women themselves, who are the real experts, will tell you that an orgasm is bliss, a grand release, total control of every single faculty, a joyful physical ride - orgasm is it.  But ask 20 more women what a female orgasm is and be prepared for 20 more answers.

Women are all a little bit different when it comes to orgasms.  Some lucky women have multiple orgasms. Some women have orgasms from clitoral stimulation, some from vaginal stimulation, some from both.  Sadly, some women have neve had an orgasm. 

Tulip believes Women should masturbate to get an orgasm.  Masturbate with a partner or by yourself.   Women can have as many orgasms as they want, any way they want them!

The majority of women who experience orgasm, and yes there are plenty of women who have never had an orgasm, say that they can feel their pulse accelerate as they are sexually stimulated vaginally or clitorally. Involuntary movements in the pelvic region begin to occur, breath quickens and the entire vaginal region feels warm and alive and as if it could explode.  The explosion, a sudden release that is often accompanied by a verbal reaction such as a cry, scream or very deep breathing is the orgasm.  Women say they can feel their pelvis contract; some women ejaculate during this time, others jerk from the waist down or all over and feel a sudden surge of warmth penetrate their bodies.  Some women experience one such jolt after another - or multiple orgasms that can last for several minutes or longer depending on the individual woman.  Often, when the orgasm has subsidied, a woman is filled with a deep sense of physical and inner contentment and moves into a state of total relaxation.

Female orgasms are an ironic combination - a totally physical release that can seem exhausting and energizing at the exact same moment.  Tulip encourages, celebrates and honors the female orgasm and is dedicated to empowering women to have as many orgasms as possible.  We have the expertise, the products, the time and the place to show you, help you - get you there - over and over again.

How can I get one, you ask?  Tulip recommends the Cadillac of external vibrators, the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Every woman should have one.



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