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Don't call it erotica on this website and think it's bad for you or we'll tie you down, whip you, kiss the center of your neck very slowly, make you.....

Sorry, we got carried away.

That's what happens when you watch sexually explicit videos or read a passage from a book that's filled with luscious lovemaking scenes, beautiful women, beautiful men....well, come on (which is the whole point) is there anything better than reading a hot passage from a book that makes you want to do exactly what you are reading about?

Only one thing that we know of and that one thing sometimes loves to be induced via videos and books and Tulip is here to tell you that adult videos and adult literature is not only good for you it's one of the most widely used aphrodisiacs in the world.

You might think that Linda Lovelace, the female star of the legendary adult film, Deep Throat started the world rocking with the use of videos,but truth be told, and we always tell the truth, erotica has been used for hundreds of years to stimulate sexual feelings.

And why not? Pleasure is a reason to live. Pleasure is why we are here. Pleasure is coming home to a candle in the window, a cold drink on the dining room table, a long hot bath (or something else long and hot) and the best love scene you have ever read or watched in your entire life.

Adult erotica helps to get many of us in the mood for sex and getting in the mood should be, could be, has to be, an erotic adventure. So why not start it out with something that can not only get your temperature to rise but can show you a thing or two at the same time?

Books and videos can help nudge your libido into second, third or fourth gear and show you how its done. Sex education does not stop when you have your first sexual encounter or your 50th or 500th. It is an educational process that evolves and changes just as you evolve and change. If this frightens you just imagine what your sexual world would be like if every single sexual adventure was like the first sexual encounter you ever had.

Not only do books and videos help us in all these areas they also help us to fulfill, at least temporarily, our sexual fantasies. If you see someone or read about someone doing the exact same thing you have dreamt about doing obviously it's not the same as doing it yourself, but until the real thing comes along it can be a wonderful substitute.

Tulip offers a terrific variety of books and videos that have been read and watched and rated and, in many cases, read and watched and rated over and over again. (Sigh.) We are always honest about what you will be seeing and/or reading and we'll make certain, as always, that the books and videos you purchase from us are the Best in Show.

Films are categorized as Educational, Classic, Straight, Bi-Sexual, Gay, Lesbian and Fetish. Tulip offers a terrific selection of movies that include descriptions and have been selected to fit your mood and sexual temperament. If you are interested, for example, in learning how massage can stimulate your sex life, Celebrating Orgasm will be listed in our Education section. Looking for a terrific lesbian flick? Click on the Classic section in the video section and check out Sex World. Want a bit of heterosexual romantic romp that might help you get introduced to soft porn? Check out Bend over Boyfriend in the Straight section.

Fueling your fantasies is a terrific solo project but it's also something that can be shared with your partner. Ask him or her what she/he likes or would like to see or read and use our descriptions for guidelines. If you are uncertain start out with videos or books that are less explicit and see what happens.

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