A Tulip How To: The Gentleman’s Corner

Don’t settle for same-old, same-old, when you can play around with exciting varieties of pleasure. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

It’s basic, but often necessary: Lube. A small variety of lubes is essential. You’ll need it for toys and anal play, and it can add a lot to handjobs. Water-based lubes are necessary for silicone toys. Sliquid makes quite an assortment of scentless water-based lubes, and the company’s committed to creating body- and earth-friendly organic products. For this reason none of their lubricants contain parabens or glycerine. I recommend the Organics Silk for it’s cum-like texture, or the thicker “booty lube,” Sassy. Silicone lubes are scentless, slicker and longer-lasting. You’ll have to be careful it doesn’t stain your sheets, but if you don’t want to continually re-apply lube, silicone’s a good bet. Plus, it works swimmingly with full-body massages. Pjur has a great, silky feel and the bottle’s design lends itself for easy-pour action. If you want to go local, go Uberlube. Gorgeous glass bottle with convenient pump, good lube; happy sexy time. And last but not least, if you want a deliciously thick lube for handjobs, grab a tub of Boy Butter.

Keep harder longer: There are a dizzying array of cock rings out there, and we have many varieties on our wall here at Tulip. If you’re looking for your first cock ring, and you want something basic and high-quality, I recommend the Tantus SuperSoft C-Ring. Lube it up if you need, then put your junk through. The ring constricts the bloodflow, keeping you up and hard, and delays ejaculation. Just don’t leave it on for more than 20-30 minutes. If you want a ring with a vibrator, get ahold of the Neo or Duet Ring. Pleasure for you and your partner!

An upgrade on the handjob: So your hand’s a pretty reliable pleasure object. But masturbation sleeves increase so much pleasure! There’s a variety of masturbators out there–from the classic and popular Fleshlight to the portable, disposable Tenga Eggs (great for on the go!). A basic, but fantastic masturbator is the Climax stroker. It is a supple Cyberskin masturbation sleeve with three shudderingly good textures. The first bulb is lined with rings that encircle the head as it enters. The middle of the the stroker comes in tight, and the last is studded with bulbs. You can tug it, twist it, or squeeze it. The hole at the top can be easily covered to create more suction. The stroker is great for solo or partner use, just make sure to lube up both the dick and the toy for more comfortable playtime.

Don’t forget your prostate! If you are very new to anal play, we recommend checking out the book Anal Pleasure and Health. It’s a comprehensive guide to all things anal. And pick up the Lelo Bob while you’re at it. Bob’s a classy little massager, great for anal newbies, and perfect for partner play! Just slip your finger into the handy ring at the base and put plenty of water-based lube on it and slowly insert. It’s perfect for smooth prostate stroking because it’s not built like a traditional plug, such as Vamp’s Amos, that’s built with a flared head and slender neck.  Bob comes in deep blue and bordeaux–how sophisticated is that? It’s such a great toy I overcame my huge awkwardness and gave one to my brother-in-law. He’s ecstatic about Bob.

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Sliquid Sassy – need
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Uberlube -need
Boy Butter – need
Tantus Supersoft c-ring – need
Neo Ring – need
Duet Ring – need
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