Tulip Review: Xana and Dax, Damon and Hunter, Crash Pad

It’s nearly impossible to objectively judge any creative endeavor, and porn is even harder to rate. Even you don’t dig golden shower/hot wax/strap-on anal play scenes, it may still be the stuff of my fantasies. Still, we do hand out awards for “good” porn. Tulip has several of these title, they really are pretty damn good.

Comstock Films claims that its films are feature “real people, real life, real sex”. Two of their films, Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract and Damon and Hunter: Doing it Together, feature real-life porn star couples. The result is that we get to see people who obviously turn each other on get it on, but at the same time they are talented enough to put on a good show.

Crash Pad is another award-winning porn. It’s unusual in that it features actual lesbians, is directed by a queer woman (the great Shine Louise Houston) and is aimed at a queer audience. Still, folks of all genders and sexualities will enjoy the diverse sex scenes, ranging from blow jobs to threesomes to strap attacks. Like the Comstock films, most of the partners in Crash Pad are real-life couples. Perhaps the best part of the film is the website that’s been created around it. There are new characters to meet and scenes to watch, and the site’s top ten episodes are now out on DVD.

But hey, all the accolades in the world don’t determine what turns you on. If you’re looking for a new favorite or your first porn, stop by one of our shops. There’ll always be a friendly, porn-loving Tulip ready to give some honest, helpful advice.

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