Tulip Review: Sex Toys 101

Even someone who can’t wait to jump into the world of sex toys can be intimidated be the number of choices out there. Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah have created Sex Toys 101 for just those people. This clear, informative, and “playfully uninhibited guide” introduces just about every category of sex toy out there.

Having trouble picturing just how that cockring-and-ball stretcher goes on? There’s a clear, colorful picture showing it on a realistic dildo (no nude pics in this book . . . sorry!). The pictures are essential for a newbie to wrap her, er, mind around some of the toys described, but also helpful is the fact that many of the toys pictured are labeled with the names the manufacturer gave them. So even if your local sex toy store doesn’t carry the Tristan butt plug you’re interested in, if they’re familiar with the product they can help you find something similar.

Despite the title, this book is not just for sex toy novices. It includes descriptions of toys such as penis pumps, and has detailed pictures and suggestions for using various BDSM gear. Venning and Cavanah venture beyond the strict realm of the sex toy, including tips for becoming a mulitorgasmic man and an extensive discussion of lube.

Whether you’re considering your first vibrator or want to expand your sex toy knowledge, Sex Toys 101 has what you need.

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