SM 101

One of my recent favorites…SM 101 by Jay Wiseman

SM 101 is a frank introduction to Sadomasochism. At 391 pages, author, Jay Wiseman, takes an incredible degree of care in defining SM play, its basic techniques, how to find SM partners and play safe as well as many many other valuable insights for everyone from those highly experienced in SM play to those who are mildly curious.

SM 101 also contains an extensive reference section as well as helpful glossary.

I find Wiseman’s honesty to be a treasure. As someone who has done little in the way of SM play, SM 101 is a terrific introductory read as well as a possible reference book years from now. Wiseman’s mentor-like tone carries you through making you feel comfortable, but commanding the reader’s attention at every page. The book is also peppered with funny and helpful tips and sayings throughout, making it easy to pick up and begin reading at any page.

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