Sex Date and Toy

Sexy Date and A Toy:

Go Get a drink in a hotel bar.

Sure the economy is rough and you love dive bars. I completely understand, but when’s the last time you and your honey treated yourselves to a swanky cocktail at a swanky hotel? You don’t have to be staying there to enjoy the bar. And if you think about it, you really do get what you pay for. Here are the following suggestions with their sexy toy pairing:

Hotel Bar: The Drake 140 E. Walton Place

Drink: Extra Dirty Gin Martini

Toy Pairing: The Rabbit Pearl

Why: you are a classicist and you are always attracted to the original. You are adventurous but still enjoy quality and style.

Hotel Bar The Atwood Café in the Hotel Burnham 1 W. Washington Street

Drink: Atwood Old Fashioned

Toy Pairing: The We Vibe II

Why: Because you love re-invention. The hotel Burnham (formally the Reliance Building) was built in 1894 but has been restored as a world class hotel. The We Vibe II takes couples sex to a new level with each of you enjoying the vibration and it’s waterproof. Okay, so you may want to get a room.

Hotel Bar: The Palmer House 17 E. Monroe Street

Drink: Sazerac

Toy Pairing: A Stainless Steel Jeweled Anal Plug

Why: Well, because you are made of diamonds of course! Potter Palmer the Palmer House’s original proprietor, had dreams of building a luxurious hotel. Upon receiving news that he was terminally ill, he went ahead and built it—and then proceeded to live many more years! This steel plug carries with it some weight and is a truly beautiful object capable of putting you in complete ecstasy.

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