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Classic Porn Film Behind The Green Door

After watching Behind The Green Door, directed by the Mitchell brothers, I was extremely enticed to watch more retro, classic, vintage, porn. Behind The Green Door was interesting, sexy, the plot line amazing, filled with tons of sex scenes and plots entirely different from what’s being produced today. Marilyn Chambers is kidnapped from a cafe and brought to a stage to have sex with random people while a masked audience watch. Combine cock sucking with psychedelic colors,  robed women fondling each other,  and jazz playing in the background.  My favorite scene? The several, several, minutes (almost 10?)  of slow motion ejaculation flying in the air and landing on Marilyn’s face.

Deep Throat was released the same year as Behind The Green Door, both contributing, if not starting, the beginning of what we call “the Golden Age of Porn”, reaching mass audiences and grossing millions, like no other porn had done before.  Deep Throat, directed by Gerard Damiano and starring Linda Lovelace, like Behind The Green Door, got mainstream recognition & was a box office success.

Deep Throat’s plot line is amazing, and the film is pretty hilarious: A woman, Linda Lovelace, is having a hard time achieving orgasm. She attends a sex party with no luck. A friend of hers suggests she see a doctor. The doctor finds that Linda’s clitoris is oddly located in the back of her throat….so of course, he graciously helps her develop her fellatio skills. Linda falls in love with the doctor and asks him to marry her~ the doctor says he can’t but advises her to become a sex therapist, performing her “deep throat” skills on many men until she finds the one to marry. All of this while bells ring during orgasms, fireworks go off and very funny dialogue (at least to me!) between characters. The doctor documents Linda’s deep throat sessions all while fucking his nurse, Carol Connors. The film gained such mainstream attention that even Robert Ebert reviewed it, giving the film no stars, and writing, “It is all very well and good for Linda Lovelace, the star of the movie, to advocate sexual freedom; but the energy she brings to her role is less awesome than discouraging. If you have to work this hard at sexual freedom, maybe it isn’t worth the effort.” I disagree wholeheartedly- Hell Yes Linda Lovelace~ advocating sexual freedom is ALWAYS worth any efforts!!

Classic Porn Film Deep ThroatNaturally, I have to talk about The Devil In Miss Jones while writing about Deep Throat. Also released in the 1970s,  a big box office success, and also directed by Gerard Damiano. The movie starts off very sad…and bloody. The star, Georgina Splevin, is depressed laying in a bathtub and slits her wrists. She dies. We now see her in another world where she meets an angel (maybe an angel?) who tells her although she lived an innocent life, she doesn’t qualify for heaven because she killed herself. Left with the options of “limbo” or “hell”, she decides her best bet is to earn a high place in hell, and tries to convince the angel to let her back to earth, as a slut. Now comes a bunch of sex scenes mixed with pain & pleasure, and some scenes just bizarre! Her time runs out on earth and she is brought to hell to live for eternity. The end is quite something: (SPOILER ALERT!) She finds herself in a small room, now a raging sex fiend, with a man who is trying to catch imaginary bugs and could care less about her. She begs him for sex and he continues trying to catch the imaginary bugs- she screams in her room for eternity, never able to have sex again. Classic porn film The Devil in Miss Jones

There are many more classics to talk about: My next blog will be about The Golden Age of Porn. It will include the history of the time when porn became mainstream and other classic films such as; The Opening of Misty Beethoven, Debbie Does Dallas, Candy Stripers, Score, The Autobiography of a Flea,  and much more.

Thanks for reading and until next time fellow porn lovers!

*** This blog is dedicated to and in honor of, Gilana. Gilana was a HUGE fan of Behind the Green Door. Her face would light up when when talking about the film….and when talking about her favorite vibrator- the Lelo Iris. 🙂 Love you G!





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