New to Tulip and Chicago: Toys from Sin Five

Tulip is the only sex store in Chicago to carry products from the new Sin Five line. Brand new to the US market, the name Sin Five was inspired by the fifth–and probably the most intimate deadly sin – lust. Sin Five fuses fashion, pleasure and high-end engineering into one gorgeous toy. This unique line of toys, made in Germany, is thoughtful down to every last detail.

1. Sin Five Alterno 100% Medical-Grade Silicone Anal Beads

These anal beads are for the pros and provide contrast and variety in their various shapes and sizes, leading to a demanding and intense form of stimulation. Courage and experimentation are well-rewarded with this baby. 17.7″ length and available in red.

2. New Sin Five Vibes: 100% Medical-Grade Elastomer

The Insigno Vibe

The motif of the feur-de-lis on this sleek new vibe is not only a symbol of the kings in 17th century France, but also a sign of prostitutes and forbidden desire. The Insigno gives the kind of pleasure that will make your eyes roll back in ecstasy with its diverse patterns and speeds.

The Vuali Vibe

A complement to the intensity of its vibration, the truly thrilling feature of this vibe is its imaginative design: repeated penetration with the curved form makes the senses swoon while gently turning on insertion accentuates the ribbed design for an even more lusty experience.

Vibes are 8.2” and require two AA batteries

IMPORTANT: Both vibes are made of medical-grade Theroplastic Elastomer (TPE), which is body-safe, odorless, smooth, easy-to-clean, does not attract dust or lint and even recyclable (finally a toy good for the environment). Each vibrator has 5 speed levels, 2 pulse patterns and one shuffle pattern sequence. The motors and materials are such high quality, every toy has a 5 YEAR WARRANTY, which is longer than any other adult toy on the market. All toys are quiet and completely waterproof. Safe to use withal lubricants (water-based and silicone).


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