New Art at Tulip Lakeview

New Art Coming to Tulip Lakeview

We’re thrilled to feature the work of local artists Torie McMillan and Michelle Lee this summer at Tulip Lakview.

Torie McMillan (June/July)-photography

McMillan moved to Chicago from Houston two years ago. Photography and painting are her main mediums. Currently, her focus is on the queer community, with a special emphasis on women. She is a self-taught, independent artist. During the next few years, she will either attend a university or travel while participating in artists’ residencies.

While in Chicago and during her stay in any city, she will collect images of queer individuals . Her goal is to capture the diversity of GLBT communities and counter-publics. As a queer artist, she wishes to challenge stereotypes while creating a source of imagery that helps to build and reinforce a sense of belonging and community.

GLBT folks are encouraged to contact Torie if interested in posing for art projects:

McMilllan’s opening at Tulip Lakeview is Saturday, June 21 at 8:00 pm.

Michelle Lee (August/September) Babydoll Series, oil on canvas
A graduate of the School of the Art Institute, Lee displayed her Mail Order Bride Series at Tulip Andersonville last spring/summer and we’re honored to have her back. Inspired by Djuna Barnes’s novel Nightwood (1936), this series promises to be haunting and bold yet with Lee’s always cool, minimalist aesthetic. Engaging the provocative ending of Barnes’ novel, “Robin, a Dog, and Baby Doll” dares the viewer to join Robin (the heroine of Nightwood) down on all fours in a sea of blackness. In this space of nothingness, what can we build? How can we reimagine the world–socially, erotically—once all heirarchies have been leveled? This painting is also inspired by Cat Power’s Baby Doll.

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