Tulip Home Salon


We will bring our best sellers to your home for a hands-on presentation that will make you a toy diva in no time! ! !

Product Description

A Tulip consultant will come to your home and showcase our diverse

product line for all tastes, from the more demure to the more

adventurous. She

will engage guests in discussion and answer any questions. Tulip salons


a discreet way for guests to purchase our safe and pleasurable toys,


porn, massage oil, lingerie, lube, and other accessories. Product

Purchase Salons require a $75

deposit and $400 purchase minimum. Cancellation Policy: The $75 party

fee is refundable if the party is canceled seven days prior to the party

date.NOTE: you MUST put the following information in the comment box when you are filling out your purchase information:-time and date you wish to have your party-your phone number-address of party-how many people-sexual orientation of participants-any other special requests you have for your partyA Tulip representative will contact you within 72 hours of this purchase.


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