Tulip thoughtfully selects the products we carry, with your health, safety & pleasure in mind! Non-toxic, quality, and mindful ingredients, are some of our top priorities!

  • fusion-purple-lesbian-sextoys

    Fusion Dildo

    New and Unique.  A WetForHer innovation.

    The Fusion dildo is a harness dildo with an ergonomic base that features a specifically designed pleasure curve to provide clitoral stimulation while penetrating your partner.

    The dildo harness takes on an all-new twist with the Fusion dildo. Compare to other dildos, the Fusion allows users to please their partners and themselves at the same time.  During decades, dildos harnesses were a one-way pleasure; today wearers will also have external stimulation .

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  • Valentino

    Valentino Dildo by Vamp

    Elegant, sleek, and sophisticated, this slender yet long dildo is ideal for deep penetration. For those who desire length over thickness, the Valentino dildo is Vamp's longest at 10"

    Vamp Silicone dildos and plugs are instantly recognizable with their gorgeous colors swirls and artistic creations. Vamp Silicone hand-makes these beauties, not any two are alike. Made with platinum silicone, with your pleasure and safety in mind, these luxury high quality dildos come in a variety of colors and 2 skin types: Soft Skin and Regular Skin.

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