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Chicago In-Home Parties & Private Workshops

Be the talk of the town with a Tulip Home Salon. Imagine Paris in the 1920s: friends, conversation, and good food and drink. But what those salons didn’t have is the chance to learn about and purchase gorgeous sex toys and accessories. Tulip Home Salons will elevate any event, making it more chic and sexy.

A Tulip consultant will come to your home and showcase our diverse product line for all tastes, from the more demure to the more adventurous. She will engage guests in discussion and answer any questions. Tulip salons provide a discreet way for guests to purchase our safe and pleasurable toys, books, porn, massage oil, lingerie, lube, and other accessories.

NEW at Tulip: 50 Shades In-Home Parlor

Has the Fifty Shades of Grey buzz spiked the interest in BDSM amongst your friends? Tulip takes BDSM 101 to your home for your party! A Tulip sexpert will arrive with a suitcase full of the best adult bdsm products and set up a luxe display in your area of choice. Guests are encouraged to touch and turn on  products while our sexpert covers everything from bondage to nipple clamps to spanking in a fun and informative way! The 50 shades In-Home Parlor provides a discreet way for guests to purchase adult products, get an insider look,  learn bdsm basics and safety, while having a good time with friends!

We can tailor your party based on your guests, from beginner to advanced, to more focused topics: We’ll work with you beforehand to cover the basics you’re interested in.

BDSM 101 touches base on the essentials and basics; What is BDSM? Safety and the importance of communication. Bondage, roleplaying, spanking, anal play, g & p spot, and much more. Tulip is highly selective of the products we carry as the sex toy market is not regulated in the United States. The selections we showcase are held to the highest standards, with the focus of safety and quality. We’ll bring bestsellers such as; Bondage rope & tape, restraints, luxe handcuffs, bed restraint kits, restraint & bondage lingerie, clamps, collars, leashes, anal plugs & beads, neon wand, gags, door restraint kits, fantasy games, books, lotions & potions, g-spot vibrators, and much more.

50 Shades In-Home Parlors are FREE with a $500 party order minimum. If the order minimum is not reached, then we charge a $200 fee non-refundable.  If the party is outside of the city of Chicago, there is a $25 to $75 surcharge depending on the location. Cancellation Policy: The $200 party fee is refundable if the party is canceled seven days prior to the party date.

In order to reserve a party please give us a call at (773) 975-1515 or email us at

Parties generally work best with 10-30 people. Presentations are approx 60 min long, then the sexpert will take one-on-one questions and orders. Orders will be shipped discreetly approx 3-7 business days after the party. Guests can also choose to pick up their order at one of our Chicago boutiques! All guests will receive 10% off at the party.

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Tulip Home Salon’s (Sex Toy 101) are FREE with a $400 order minimum. If the order minimum is not reached, then we ask for a $150 fee non-refundable.  If the party is outside of the city of Chicago, there is a $25 charge. Cancellation Policy: The $150 party fee is refundable if the party is canceled seven days prior to the party date.

Great for Chicago Bachelorette Parties! Email customerservi[email protected] Or, call 773-975-1515 to reserve your date today.
Private Workshops:

Tulip’s private, special topic workshops are taught by our well-informed (and always fun) sex educators, either at your home or at one of our stores. We’ll tailor the workshop according to your specific interests, with topics ranging from oral sex to BDSM to Negotiating Open Relationships. The 90-minute workshop includes the presentation, a question-and-answer session, and group discussion. Guests will be given the opportunity to order products in private at the end of the workshop. Private workshops are $200 for a 90-minute session. Please call 773.975.1515 to book a private workshop.

Some of the private workshop topics are:

Vibrators & Lingerie (oh my!)
The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation
Strap-on Sex
Introduction to Sex Toys
The O Word: Masturbation, Toys, and Your Sexy Self
Anal Play! (beginner and advanced)
Oral Sex
Bend-Over-Boyfriends and the P-Spot
Non-Genital Eroticism and Pleasure

Parties generally work best with 10-30 people.
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