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  • barbara_vibrator_gspot_silicone


    Barbara is a medium sized hybrid rabbit style vibrator with a curve made to hit the spot. Covered in the softest skin-like medical grade silicone on the market, Barbara’s head is specifically designed to focus on the G-spot (or p-spot) with the ridged tip.  Barbara is specifically designed to focus internally while stimulating you externally simultaneously for boundless pleasure. With 8 different vibrating modes and 100% waterproof and rechargeable design, Barbara will send your body to the heights of ecstasy. Scroll down for all the specs.

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  • Echo_vibrator_mini_violet


    Experience luxurious passion with the exclusive Echo. Perfectly curved to hold in the palm of your hand, Echo glides smoothly all over with silky silicone for absolute pleasure. The seductive style, designed with a tongue-shape in mind, and simple speed selection will allow you to experience everything from quiet seduction to strong sensations. Echo can be held in your palm or shared with a lover’s touch to satisfy your thirst for even more sensual experiences, and so quiet you won’t be able to hear, your own Echo. Scroll down to read more features.

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