Pico Bong Moka G-Spot Vibe

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Curvy teaser and G-Spot pleaser!

Product Description

Curvy teaser and G-Spot vibe pleaser! Finder, teaser and pleaser of the coveted G-Spot, Moka is the two-in-one answer to your pleasure prayers. Featuring a dynamic curve and flattened top, flip the tip at any time to transfer those good vibrations from C-Spot to G-Spot.

1 review for Pico Bong Moka G-Spot Vibe

  1. Queertastic
    4 out of 5


    Unlike most g-spot toys which measure at most 4″ of insertable length, The Moka is 7″, allowing for deeper exploration to find that sweet spot, making this toy suitable for those with more deeply located g-spots. The Moka has pretty good vibration strength and 10 different modes of vibration. The motor is pretty much silent, too, which is a definite plus. Though it is described as a silicone toy, in all actuality it is a silicone COATED toy with a hard- plastic frame. This aspect, as well as the the gradual curved shape of the shaft, make this toy excellent for providing good, firm, pressure against the g-spot. However, if you are looking for a soft and flexible toy, than this is not for you.
    Despite it’s many praises, there are some serious design flaws that make the Moka G feel more like a prototype rather than a finished product. The battery cap is located at the tip of the handle, right where the user would be holding onto the toy! This wouldn’t be such a big problem if it weren’t for the fact that the cap is designed to be easily removable- you simply turn the cap a few millimeters to the left and it pops right off. So basically, if you move your hand around at all during use, the cap is bound to budge a few millimeters and pop off during the worst of times! Not a fun thing to deal with right in the middle of play, and definitely not in the pool or shower, which causes me to urge people to avoid using the Moka G near water because it’s just too risky! Also, the power and mode buttons are located exactly where the user’s thumb is meant to rest. It is very easy to accidentally press the mode button and all of a sudden have the vibration pattern change. Then you have to cycle through all of the 9 other vibrations to get back to the one you want.
    the cap is the only exposed part of the toy which is not covered in silicone. It is smooth plastic with lots of ridges which make the cap hard to clean and thereby a breeding ground for bacteria. Yuck!

    If you are on a budget but still want a quality toy with a good amount of vibration power, then I would say to go ahead and get the Moka G, but if you have the extra cash, spring for a similar toy that is more user- friendly

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