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urban friction
urban friction

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When it comes to sex, new lovers Mika and Poochie both get off on the idea of pushing one another’s boundaries. So, just for fun, each agrees to make a favorite fantasy come true. Mika maintains her end of the bargain by gifting Poochie to a cruel mistress. But Poochie gets cold feet when Mika finally reveals what she wants – to be the middle of male sandwich. When his girlfriend Mika, isn’t around, Poochie lives up to his doggy name and thinks the best way to resist temptation is to give in to it immediately. Knowing full well that guys will be guys… Mika seeks advice from her more experienced girlfriend on how to have her cake and Poochie, too. Mika figures out how to train her Poochie and channel her own desires. 70 minutes.

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