Tulip’s Top Ten Best Selling Vibrators


Lelo Gigi 2 Vibrator

February is the month of lovers AND self love~ We’ve had so many great customer experiences in the last few weeks, it’s nice to know people are feeling lot’s of pleasure!

Want to know what everyone’s buying? Here are the top ten best selling vibrators for 2/2014:

(In order of popularity)

#10 Lelo Nea & Lelo Gigi 2  The Nea is one of Lelo’s first ever products and it’s no wonder the Nea is still around and a Tulip best seller. The chic design, discreet look, powerful vibrations, several modes, waterproof, quiet toy still keeps pleasing, almost a decade later. The Nea is also more affordable than the other Lelo products. Charming little flowers surround the back of the ergonomic design. With a 2 year guarantee, this $80 toy has almost sold out


Lelo Nea

this Valentine’s month! Tulip has the Nea in a luxurious magenta or deep black. Tied with the Nea, is the Gigi 2.  Its a gorgeous rechargeable vibe also by Swedish brand Lelo. A slight luxurious curve for g-spot stimulation, or a nice flat head for


Sugar Pop

clitoral, and surrounding area, exquisite stimulation.

#9 Sugar Pop by Vibratex. From the makers of the Hitachi Magic Wand (scroll down) and the famous Rabbit Habit, is the brand new Sugar Pop! This toy

is an absolute pleasure machine. Made of non toxic Elastomer, Sugar Pop has rows and rows of beads that don’t just rotate, but shift side to side like no other dual vibrator we’ve seen before! This new technology along with the intensely


Lelo Soraya

nubbed clitoral attachment, is clearly a product that pops on (and off) our shelves. Sugar Pop is $86

#8 Lelo Soraya This could be mistaken for a work of art on your living room coffee table, the Soraya by Lelo is the ultimate luxury vibrator. Dual motors, one on the insert-able tip while the other is on the clitoral attachment, both can be controlled separately! Many many vibration intensities and pleasure vibration modes, completely bathtub (or hot tub!) safe, and medical grade soft silicone make this vibrator a one of a kind spoiler. At $181, The Soraya is not a cheap toy, but with the 2 year warranty and the deliverance of the utmost pleasure, it’s no wonder the Sorayas fly off the shelves at Tulip!


Calla Vibrator

# 7 Fun Factory Calla Resembling a flower, the Calla is not only beautiful but masterfully designed for ultimate pleasure. It’s no mystery why this vibrator sells, the petals around the base deliver and all around clitoral and outer vaginal stimulation (the clitoris is not the only place packed with nerve-endings!) rather than a pin-point clitoral stimulation. Also, for those who don’t like so much length, the Calla gets to stimulating your clit without so much insert-able length!

Tulip really loves this toy’s cleaver design- Fun Factory is Tulip absolute favorite in quality and innovation.


Pearly Vibrator

#6 Fun Factory Pearly

Another great Fun Factory ultimate pleasure machine combined with luxe design and the highest quality materials and vibration power. The Pearly is an ultimate seller to both women and men alike as this toy can be used vaginally as well as anally while delivering several pleasure intensities and

 vibration modes. Our customers love this toys soft feel and versatility. Slick in design as well as in intense pleasure, the Pearly is priced at $99.99, this toy comes with a two year warranty.


Velvet Touch Vibe

#5 Velvet Touch vibe is a beginners favorite: it’s soft and silky,  has a slender girth, 6″ to experiment with, comes in cute colors, and is super affordable at $15. The adjustable wheel on the bottom delivers different vibration intensities. This is a great beginner vibe to experiment with, see what you like, then you’ll know exactly what you like when you upgrade later!

#4 Red Zinger By just looking at this toy, you would have no clue why this toy is #4 on our best seller list. But once you turn on this bullet vibe, you’ll understand instantly why: the amount of power this little egg packs,  is pure insanity! You could say it’s almost as powerful as the Hitachi Magic Wand (made by the same


Red Zinger Bullet Vibrator

 company). For Hitachi lovers that need something more portable, the Red Zinger is your absolute solution.

#3 Picobong Kaya Rabbit We totally understand why so many people picked up a Kaya off Tulip’s shelves this month of February. Picobong is made by Lelo, which means the same high quality and powerful vibrations, just at a lower price point. The lower price point is because these love machines are


Picobong Kaya Rabbit Vibrator

battery operated while Lelos are rechargeable. The Kaya Rabbit is a super soft matte silicone, slightly curved for g-spot stimulation while an extension vibrates the clitoris. What’s the best part about the Kaya Rabbit? At $89, it has 12 different pleasure modes, is fully waterproof, and has two powerful motors for ultimate stimulation.

#2 Hitachi Magic Wand This is the classic, one & only, original, Magic Wand. This device has been around for over a decade and has appeared in pop culture over and over again (Samantha’s vibrator on Sex and the City). This is probably Tulip’s best selling vibrator all year round- customers come in specifically looking for the Hitachi and customers who have difficulty achieving orgasm have experienced their first orgasm


Hitachi Magic Wand

with this ultimate pleasure tool. Have never squirted? Try the Hitachi with a G-spot attachment along with some reading material, for ultimate success! Doubles up as an amazing back massager~ this “Cadillac of vibrators” is loud and plugs into the wall, but for people world-wide they could care less, it’s still in millions of bedrooms.

#1 We-Vibe 4 These, literally, fly off the shelves as soon as they come in. The We-Vibe 4 is quite the innovation- a vibrator that can be used during penetration. Yes, that’s right, it is inserted, fits snug on the woman’s g-spot and clitoris and small enough to allow for a penis or dildo to be penetrated while it stays in place- delivering vibrations to her g-spot and clitoris, during penetrative sex. If used between a man and woman, the penis will feel the immense pleasures of the vibrations too. The We-Vibe 4 is controlled with a remote control, has several different intensities and vibration modes, is fully waterproof, rechargeable, and is made of medical grade silicone. Need we say more why this is the #1 best selling vibrator during the month of love?!


We-Vibe 4

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