Tulip’s Top Ten Best Selling Male Sex Toys

Our last blog on our top ten best selling vibrators this month, was an immediate hit! However, we received many requests to not leave out the boy toys, and we agree. Here you go guys, Tulip’s Top Ten Best Selling Male Sex Toys for


Cock Sling

2/2014, the month of love! All of these toys can be used solo or with a partner(s)!

(In order of popularity)

#10 Cock Sling The Tantus Cock Sling is a hit because of its cleaver pleasure design. The teardrop shape provides pin point stimulation to the taint region (packed with nerve endings and feels very good when pressure is applied) during sex or masturbation. The sling still functions as your simple cockring, applying some pressure around the penis and testicles to last longer and gain some size, and is made of 100% medical grade silicone. Which means this thing will last forever, and is the easiest to clean and fully disinfect, it is non toxic and non porous. Just boil in a pot of water or place on the top shelf of


Ranglers Cockrings

your dishwasher.

#9 Ranglers Cockrings Priced at $5, this is a phenomenal starter cockring. Super stretchy and super durable, this pleasure ring will do exactly what its meant to do: restrict just a little bit of blood flow to maintain a harder and longer erection. What our customers love? The price, durability, and different designs. The Ranglers come in 3 different shapes:  Spur, Cannonball, and Outlaw.


Pandora Vibrating Adult Toy

#8 Pandora This is your ultimate P-Spot (Prostate Gland) (or g-spot, ladies) vibrator. Why? It is waterproof, 100% silicone, has several different intensity and vibration modes at the touch of one button, is perfectly tapered to stay in place for hands free play, and is curved at the tip for ultimate p-spot stim! The base fits with perfection in between the butt cheeks, and it is silky soft- It’s no wonder the Pandora is on our best seller list!


Mood Exciter Stroker

#7 Mood Masturbation toys The Mood series of masturbation sleeves are a hit with the guys at Tulip for many reasons. First of all, you can’t go wrong with a $13 toy packed with hours and days of endless fun. The mood sleeves come in two styles; the Pleaser and the Exciter. The Exciter is a round pear-shaped, double ended stroker, with 5 inches of insertable length. It features two entrances; the smaller, tighter tunnel features plush massage beads while the larger tunnel is heavily ribbed for your pleasure. The Pleaser is designed for perfect grip while you (or someone else) stroke away, even with lots of lube, no slip! Inside are tons of


Mood Pleaser Stroker

nubbies for intense pleasure stimulation. Both are super stretchy, soft, and come in a variety of different colors, need we say more? Oh, the transparent one is a favorite, making the penis visible to the eye going in and out of the stroker… yum!


Tenga Doublehole Cup

#6 Tenga Cups These one-time use masturbation cups are jam-packed with the ultimate stimulation technology, and that’s why guys will come back for more, time and time again! These cups come lubed up, and ready to play. Each one featuring a different pleasure module. There are 5 to choose from and you’ll want to try each and every one of them for different types of sensations and orgasms! Although they are all equally best sellers at Tulip, the Double Hole Cup and the Rolling Head Cup seem to go faster than the rest. While all of the Tenga Cups are one time use and have only one hole going in, the Double Hole Cup has two insertable holes on each side, making it a fun couples toy two men could use together at the same time, or this toy may last 2-3 sessions as the two sided entries make it possible to clean up. The Double Hole cup features a “Bitter Side” which firmly tightens while the


Tenga Rolling Head Cup

“Sweet Side” gently clings to the shaft. With the Rolling Head cup, it’s possible to discover the range of sensations to the tip of your shaft that the adoption of a flexible body has made possible. Try movements interchanging back-and-forth, right-and-left and rolling motions.  We almost forgot to mention, $15-17 bucks! Treat your cock to a Tenga product!


Climax Stroker

#5 Climax Stroker A super firm hand job stroker with a ribbed, tapered tunnel. The Narrow, textured exterior ensures a firm grim, while the translucent, open ended design lets you see the action with any size penis. A sensual addition to any foreplay or solo act, and waterproof for fun in and out of water with easy cleanup. TPR. Waterproof. Phthalates free. Length: 6 inches. Width: 2.5 inches, and $17 bucks. Double ended for the man-on-man action and super easy clean up.


Neo Vibrating Ring

#4 Neo Vibrating Ring This vibrating cockring is brilliant and our customers know it! This ring has two settings: one is a motion sensor, it will only vibrate when pressed against, and the second mode vibrates the entire time, endlessly. This toy is amazing on a penis or a dildo for couple’s play! It not only has all the great functions of a normal cockring, but it can also provide clitoral stimulation during penetration and/or make the penis or dildo vibrate! Turn your penis or dildo into a dual action vibrator. Want to get frisky guys? Turn the ring around for taint vibration stimulation! Alone or with a partner(s), this ring is versatile, powerful, super stretchy, splash-proof, discreet, battery powered, and provides hours


Oxballs Powerballs Cockring

of added fun and pleasure, of course it’s #4 on our list!

#3 Oxballs Screwballs & Powerballs Cockrings The Oxballs series of cockrings are a Boystown Tulip absolute favorite and we can easily guess why. Medical grade silicone for the easiest and fullest clean-up, designs like no other cockrings out there, affordable, durable, and super HOT! The Screwballs and Powerballs cockrings are the best seller out of all of the awesome Oxballs designs. Both of these designs are affordable at $7 and $12.


Oxballs Screwballs Cockrings

Oxballs are not yet available on our website, but if you’d like to order some, give us a ring at(773) 975-1515 to order yours today. The Oxballs series are available  at our Boystown location in Chicago.


Screaming O Vibrating Cockring

#2 Screaming O Disposable Vibrating Cockring This one-time use vibrating cockringfor $10 has been a best seller at Tulip for almost a decade now! Not only is this a fun gift, but it is also great if you have never used a vibrating cockring before and want to give it a try without spending too much first! These are also great if you are in an open relationship or single; The packaging is small enough to fit in your pocket, the battery lasts about an hour, and you throw it away after use!

#1 Tenga Eggs We go through cartons of these eggs like a bakery. These eggs are not for consumption, they are for absolutely mind-blowing stroking pleasure! The sex educators at our last Blowjob workshop mentioned these as an amazing add-on for an out-of-this-world blowjob, and they were gone by the end of the night. Paired with some Uberlube, these $7 eggs make anyone without a penis envious! Each egg is different on the inside masterfully designed for insane pleasure,  and they’re SUPER stretchy.


Tenga Egg Lovers Edition


Tenga Egg Silky




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