How to Prepare for Anal Play

One of the most common questions we get asked in regards to anal play is: How do I get ready? Not knowing is a major cause of stress and hesitation around anal play. After a few questions, we often find that people are more concerned about poop than they are about pain. One customer said she was ready to take a laxative and “just shit for six hours beforehand.” We don’t recommend that course of action. And for the record–anal play should never be painful, if you are relaxed and lubricated enough.

Below are some preparation tips to put you at ease, but first: Please don’t worry too much about it. Anal play can be messy, and that’s just a part of it. The sooner you can accept that and shrug it off, the faster you can start having fun. Doing a little cleansing beforehand can greatly reduce the chance of running into a little brown.

Secondly: Do what is comfortable and makes sense to you. Dan may douche and Sally doesn’t, but both Dan and Sally can have wonderful playtimes with their asses.

Ok! Down to Cleaning Your Butt 101:

1. A general guide before anal play is to make sure you feel “empty,” ideally having gone to the restroom a couple hours before. Sometimes just sitting on the toilet and relaxing helps to make sure there’s nothing lingering in there.

2. Once you’re sure you’re empty, take a shower and clean your booty! And then, if you’re comfortable with this, work a nice, sudsy finger in and around your anus. If putting a finger in your ass makes you feel squeamish, that’s ok. We recommend using a small anal toy, like the Lelo Bob. It’s smooth shape makes for easy and pleasurable insertion. Playing with a small toy in the shower can help clean and loosen you up. And did we mention it’s fun?

3. After you’ve warmed up a bit, use a slightly larger toy. Vamp’s silicone dildos Bette and Jezabel are popular anal toys. At this point, assuming your bathroom is warm enough, you can turn off the shower and lay back. Put plenty of water based lube (such as Gun Oil Gel or Sliquid Sassy) on you and your toy. See how fun cleaning yourself is? If after using Bob you’re still worried about not being cleaned out at this point, you can put a condom on your larger toy for easy clean up. Tulip carries a plethora of condoms, including non-lubricated and latex-free varieties.

4. This should be enough to get you good ‘n’ ready (not to mention hot and bothered), but if you want to be squeaky clean, you can get a douche, such as the ones by Colt or StreemMaster. Douches flush out your system, but since they also flush away protective mucosal lining, we don’t recommend douching less than 2 hours before anal sex. Douching can be done in place of steps 1-3.

Want to know more? It never hurts to know about your body and your sexuality. Check out some of our excellent anal guides: Anal Pleasure and Health by Dr. Jack Morin and the Ultimate Guides to Anal Sex for Men by Bill Brent and Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino. Or come in and talk to one of Tulip’s friendly sexperts!

Lelo Bob – need
Gun Oil Gel – need
Sliquid Sassy – need
Trojan ENZ non-lubricated condoms – need
Trojan Supra – need
Trojan NaturaLAMB – need

StreemMaster silicone kit – need
StreemMaster mini douche – need