Adult Holiday Gift Giving Guide by Tulip Toy Gallery, From Naughty to Nice!

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Fun Factory Tiger

There is no better vibe for your sweetheart that craves that full feeling. Made of 100% premium silicone with a ridged shaft, the Tiger resembles an uncut penis. Perfect for handsome gents looking to spoil each other this holiday season, the Tiger is a fully waterproof rechargeable vibrator with multiple speeds and stimulation modes.

German designed and manufactured

2-year warranty

Available in navy blue and hot red


Made of 100% premium silicone with a ridged shaft


Tenga Flip-hole

Customers have raved about the Tenga Flip-hole since we began carrying them two years ago. The Flip-hole is one of the best male self-pleasuring toys on the market because of its unique design that is built to last and to be easy to care for. The flip hole opens vertically allowing you to easily clean and dry it. And the best thing about this toy? It’s soft design allows you to apply pressure throughout (base, middle, or head) giving you a custom feel every time. Spoil yourself this holiday season, you deserve it!

Comes with 3 free Tenga-inspired lubricants.

fliphole holiday

The Tenga Flip Hole’s soft design allows you to apply pressure throughout (base, middle, or head) giving you a custom feel every time.

We-vibe 4

If you have been considering getting a we-vibe couples vibrator but haven’t taken the plunge, consider your self now one step closer to having the most intimate and pleasurable experience. The New We-vibe 4 is here and its better than ever. Sporting a slightly more  sophisticated and ergonomic design to sit snugly inside of a woman’s body with just the right amount of pressure against her g-spot, allowing room for penetration, the new We-vibe 4 is also now made of a softer silicone. Now also with more remote control settings and more power! The holiday season is about sharing, forget the mistletoe!

Fully waterproof

Whisper quiet

weVibe4_intro holiday



Only in San Francisco would someone dream up this plot! It makes me miss home and the sexy pornstar starring in it that once kicked me out of a bar for dancing on a table top.

But I digress, this DVD will be sure to deliver. Well-made, sexy, queer-friendly award-winning porn. Who could ask for more? Snuggle up on the couch during the cold holiday season and warm up to the crashpad hotties.

Bondage Tape

Doesn’t stick to your lover’s tender skin- just to itself. Keep your playmate happy (and secure) using this multi-purpose tape. Perfect for fashioning cuffs, even using to create sexy

“bra and panties”- just cut and wrap to size. Reusable too.

Kama Sutra Honey Dust

A delicately flavored fine powder to dust on your lover. Comes with a feather applicator. Spice it up for the holidays and surprise him or her!

A best seller.

KamaSutra-honeydust holiday

When they kiss you, you will taste like honey

The New Topping Book and The New Bottoming Book

Guaranteed to make you a better lover whether you are a top, a bottom, a switch or you have no idea what these terms mean. Clear and to the point, occasionally humorous even, these books break down the power dynamics of fulfilling sex-play. Buy both and read them with your honey!

Intercourses Cookbook

For the lovebirds in your life. This cookbook is a great classy gift for someone who loves to cook (or aspires to). Filled with delicious recipes using aphrodisiac ingredients, such as asparagus and salmon, this hardbound collection of recipes will be sure to delight. Also makes  a great anniversary or wedding gift! Or, add some spice to the holiday meal this year and you’ll have a night you won’t forget!

intercourses cookbook holiday gift

Aphrodisiac Cookbook

Stuff that special someone’s stocking for under 10 bucks this holiday!

dancetengaegg tenga egg holiday

Tenga Keith Haring Egg

Tenga eggs now carrying the Keith Haring edition!!

Gun Oil Stroke 29 masturbation enhancing cream

Coochy Cream skin conditioning intimate shave cream

Screaming O Vibrating Cockring great for couples!

One-touch mini bullet vibrator great for use inside of Vamp dildos!

Slippery Stuff Gel  An excellent intimate lubricant

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