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1. Duetto:  Double that really works hands free!

2. Rabbit Habit: The sex and the city favorite

3. Layaspot: The best small vibrator made

4. Spareparts Harness:  Best on the market!

5. Elvis: Belladonna uses Elvis in new flick!

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Tulip's Buyers Tips
Tickle your fancy from GSpot to Clitoris to Heaven and back! Lelo and Jimmyjane set the speed to “Luxury,” and off we go!
Put one in, sit right down … or don’t! Our movie selection has everything from porn to instructional to instructional porn. It’s everything you need to kick back and get down to business.
Slip into something more comfortable (and sexier, and safer…) with any one of our totally body-safe, slippery sex aides.
We know your dirty little secrets, and we can’t wait to play: floggers, crops, cuffs, and more are just a click away.
Sexy smooth or so realistic you’d swear it’s throbbing, all our dildos are supersafe materials and US-made so you can make your O’s without losing any Z’s over just how good your product is.
Reading is sexy and so are smarts. Now you can have both with everything from one-handed novels to step-by-step guides to the best sex of your life.
Sharing your toys is so first grade. Now boys get their own cock and back door pleasure made especially for their man-sized needs.
You’ve got Me Time, but don’t forget the Us. Vibrations and sensations so sweet they’ve got to be a sin – now for him and her.
“Forbidden Zone” my ass! Everything you need for a smooth ride to backcountry (without those pesky common butt hang ups).
Whoever said, “Dress for success,” had to have sex on the brain – and, to put it briefly, so will you strutting your stuff in these tantalizing underthings.
Now you can feel so pretty and pamper your pocket with sexy underthings that aren’t overpriced.
Straps so sleek you’d think you were born with them plus lubes and sweets to keep it so smooth you wouldn’t know the difference.