Sex + Art = TULIP

TULIP is not only a revolutionary sex toy shop, it is an art gallery.   We mean it when we say we are a "luxe toy gallery"!

TULIP is committed to showing Chicago's most talented up and coming artists' work through gallery openings and showings.  What better atmosphere to shop for dildos and vibrators than an art gallery?  What better atmosphere to shop for cutting edge art than among many of the objects and desires that are the inspiration of so many who create?

BELLA  TOLMATSKY -- April 7, 2006    7-10 PM Lakeview Location

Bella Tolmatsky was born in Moscow, Russia, and moved to the United States in 1995. She is currently attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She is primarily interested in the figure as a representation of the human condition, and has studied the figure extensively.  In her work she confronts the issues of sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender, particularly in the form of self-portrait as a direct self-reflection.  This is her first solo show.

Her work will be on display at TULIPToy Gallery, located at 3348 North Halsted, Chicago from April 7th through June 7.  You can contact Tulip's Lakeview location directly for more information at 773-975-1515.

BRENDAN HUDSON -- January 20, 2006

7-10 PM Andersonville Location

In Brendan Hudsonís newest body of work we are confronted with paintings of close-up cropped sections of a splash of water. Brendan often works with themes derived from the relations between the human and natural world. The necessary and volatile relationship between the human race and water has been extremely evident in the recent past. The title of the show, Rising Tide references global warming and its effects of rising water levels, tsunamis, and hurricanes being ever so present and frequent we may find ourselves questioning the nature and traits of water. Could water be responsive to variables that do not physically exist? Hudsonís paintings are an honest discourse into our relationships with water and pose such questions as: Which entity seeks control over the other? Is our relationship symbiotic, or parasitic? Could our relationship with water be much deeper than the physical relationship to which we are aware?

In Hudsonís painting the ever-changing details of water are frozen in time from a fraction of a second into slightly off square 17x18Ē and 16x17Ē paintings and an elongated 2 Ĺ x 5í painting.

Brendan Hudson (b. 1984) is a Canadian born artist who is and studying at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Brendan began exhibiting his work in 2000 in group shows in Minneapolis and later in Chicago, with his most recent project being murals in Gallery Incognito (10/15/05) This will be Brendanís first solo show in Chicago.

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