Harnesses are just what they say they are and are used to hold dildos in place and like many of the products available at Tulip are every changing and evolving as our needs and desires evolve and expand.

Look for a harness that you think is comfortable and that you will feel sexy in. It's important to find a harness that you like. If you can find a harness that fits as if you were born with it and looks good - what could be better?

The majority of harnesses, which are usually leather or made of a cotton fiber or nylon, are bend over beginnereither jock style and come with adjustable straps that fit around legs or a g-string style with one strap that runs between the butt cheeks and legs. Our experts tell us that the jock style harness usually fits a bit snugger and the g-string gives the wearer more control so that the exact movements of the dildo can be felt. Once the harness is on and in place and the dildo is inserted into the holder attached to the front - well, then it's all up to you and your partner.

You may want to try a newer design of harness that is made as a pair of tight fitting pants and gives the wearer a great sense of control and comfort and also allows for a great feel from specific dildos for the harness wearer.

If you are shopping for your first harness you may want to try a couple different styles until you find your way - so to speak. These harnesses hold up well and can last you a long time although many of our long time leather harness wearers say there is nothing, absolutely nothing like the feel of fine leather against your skin when you are strapped in a ready to go.

You can get a good visual "feel" for a harness by simply looking at them and deciding if the straps and position look like something that will fit your personality and body.

There are thigh harnesses that are strapped around one of the most powerful appendences attached to our bodies and chair harness that can be tied down to a chair and used in a variety of scenarios. Some harnesses have pockets for accessories - think lube- and some come with snap-out O rings that accommodate a variety of dildo sizes and shapes. Oh, let's not forget the chin harness. Should we say anything else?

As with all of Tulip's products, the fun is definitely in the trying and we offer a variety of harnesses for all those wonderful dildos you have that are just waiting for their turn in a new harness.


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