There's a good chance Dr. Ernst Grafenberg had no idea that he had jumped hands first into millions of women's sexual lives when he mentioned the erotic significance of a tiny group of nerve tissues just a few inches inside of the vagina.

The divine G-spot, as it has come to be known, is actually one of millions of erogenous areas in and on a woman's body - essentially everywhere you look and touch on or in a woman's body is a potential spot of fine pleasure.

Is the G-spot really there?  If you slip your finger inside of your vagina just about halfway between the top of the cervix and the back of the pubic bone, about two inches into the vagina, do you get turned on?

Well, there is really only one way to find out.  Give it a try.

The G-spot has become the rage of the sexual revolution and as Dr. G so profoundly stated - it's just the tip of a very delicious and lovely iceberg.  Tulip says - don't stop at the G-spot until you've discovered the entire alphabet.

Some women experience intense orgasms when they locate and then stimulate the G-spot. Some women ejaculate fluid through the urethra during active stimulation, not unlike the semen that is produced when a man's prostrate is stimulated.  Although some women experience intense one-of-a-kind orgasms if their G-spot is aroused, some have the exact same type of orgasm they have when they are aroused in other areas.

What's a woman to do?


ToysFingers.  Partners. Use a mirror. Often, it helps to use lubricant until you think you have located your own personal G-spot and are accustomed to its location and what needs to happen to help you become aroused.

Stimulation of the G-spot may create a sensation that makes you feel as if you have to urinate.  The spot may also become enlarged and you may actually feel a small bump inside the vagina.

Or not.

As in all sexual play and pleasure the G-spot is or is not your spot. If you can't find it,  if that new G-spot toy you just purchased from Tulip does not seem to be working,  look around for another spot and try a new toy. They are all over the place. Sexual expertise is surely not an exact science just as your body is surely not the same as the woman sitting next to you.

Do you have a G-spot?  A P-spot?  An XYZ-spot?

How fun to try and find it.  Tulip can help!  See our products specially designed for G-spot stimulation.

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