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This holiday season we’re all about warming up yourself, or a loved one. We’re located in Chicago, and the winters can result in a lot of hibernation… Why not take this time to explore love, explore pleasure, explore explore explore! Heat things up; heat up your body, heat up your mind. Tulip is offering super deals to ensure you’re having the most fun this holiday season! 20% off one item plus FREE shipping and FREE gift with coupon code EROTIC at checkout. Enjoy & Forget Mistletoe


Presenting: (drum roll)… Our official 2014 Adult Holiday Gift Guide!

Explore Yourself: Tulip says MASTURBATE! Exploring your body, your desires, your pleasures is not only good for your mind, health, and self esteem~ but can be the source of some of the most mind-blowing orgasms. In addition, the more we learn about what we like & what feels good, the more pleasurable and healthy sexual relations with others can be too.


Icicles No. 59 Available at Tulip Chicago Boutiques


Here goes:

Top 5 Vibes

1- Je Joue G-Kii is a g-spot stimulator which snaps into 3 positions. The last position is our tested favorite~ It provides a nice u-shaped angle that will provide hands-free dual stimulation: one powerful motor vibrates on the g-spot while another motor stimulates the clitoris and all of the jam-packed nerveG Kii Purp4 ending areas around the Vagina. This toy is perfect for exploring your g-spot, for people that can squirt or are interested in learning to squirt, this toy’s innovative bending will stay in place and not flop around, it provides endless new sensations.

2- Amorino by Fun Factory. It was tough keeping the Amorino in stock at the Tulip bouamorino-fun-factory-vibrator_opttiques since Fun Factory launched this innovative vagina stimulator. (After Tulip testing, we found the Amorino to be a GREAT Anal toy too!) The unique silicone band around the powerful ergonomic shaft and bump,  vibrates all of the nerve endings in the surrounding areas. This small, waterproof, rechargeable pleasure machine will deliver intense orgasms, over and over again.

3- Jimmy Jane Form 2 is Tulip’s owner’s favorite. (She has tested every vibrator we carry!) Why does this one win on her list? Its power and shape. “I am more of an external stim kind of a gal, and enjoy most a powerful deep penetrating vibration. I’vform2e learned that my G-spot is internally located near the walls of my clitoris, which was a great surprise to begin exploring. For people with this anatomy, vaginal ejaculation is possible with no internal stimulation~ just powerful external vibrations”. The Jimmy Jane Form 2 does just that~ The motor is, to say the least, very intense & powerful. The shape, provides blissful external stimulation all around. Waterproof, rechargeable, ergonomic, and built to last too.

4- Lelo Ina has won our hearts this year, last year Lelo’s Soraya was our pick. Both amazing vibes, but we’ve dedicated our hearts to Ina this time because of its curved design, smooth feel, and equally powerful motors to the Soraya. leloina Lelo doesn’t pack the same punch as the Form 2, for those who enjoy a more subtle vibration, more tingly than deep, this is the vibrator for you. Don’t get us wrong, the motors are still super powerful, and Lelo is smart by putting one motor at the tip of the internal shaft for G-spot stim, while the other powerful motor lays right on the external bump, stimulating the clitoris intensely. This dual vibe is also waterproof, rechargeable, gorgeous, and not to mention makes an amazing mistletoe this holiday season ;)

5- iVibe iRabbit. Last, but certainly not least, comes this platinum silicone dual vibrator by Doc ivibeiRabbit blkJohnson. We saw the iRabbit at an adult novelty education week in Colorado this year, and ordered it right away. Since then, we’ve had to reorder time and time again. What do people love about it? Along with 2 powerful vibrating motors, the shaft rotates, and you pick how much swing you want by bending it! (Stay Tuned for a video soon~ You have to see this!). Seriously innovative, and serious orgasms.

Top 5 Cock

1- Fleshlight Ice. In 10 years of business, we’ve never had a single complaint about a Fleshlight purchase, only return customers. Not just a Tulip stfleshlightice1aff favorite, but our customers say “its the closest thing to the real thing”. This year, we chose the Ice for our top 5. Why? Because you can watch your cock go in and out! We think that’s pretty hot, and who doesn’t want to see what it looks like in there? Completely transparent, you’ll have a lot of fun, and feel intense pleasures, with this Fleshlight.

2- Cobra Libre by Fun Factory. This tip of the penis masturbator is insanely powerful. It’s 2 independent motors provides a very powerful deep vibration and several different pulsation modes. The patterns create pulsing vibrations just underneath the sensitive penis glands for mind-blowing, on-the-spot, stimulation. The sleek and sporty, waterproof, easy to control, rechargeable Cobra Libre is an amazing gift to yourself, a friend, or a partner this holiday season. FUNFACTORY-CobraLibre-Black

3- Tenga Flip Hole.  Like the Fleshlight, this toy requires no power, but hours of mind-blowing fun. We’ve had customers who have a difficult time having an orgasm withoflipholeut a partner, say that this toy delivers. Unlike the Fleshlight, the Flip Hole has a soft outer core, making you in control of the tightness with your hands, delivering more stimulation all along the penis. This toy is a must-have!

4- Hand Solo is another Tulip staff tested favorite. “Every cock needs one”. It isn’t a steep investment and will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. Fits right in your hand, adds texture and vibrations handsoloto hand jobs creating mind-blowing orgasms. Like all of these toys, this is fun with a partner too.

5- Juicy Mini Masturbator won our admiration this year. Last year were the Tenga Eggs, which we absolutely love too. The new juicy mini mini-male-masturbator-juicy-3masturbator’s come in shapes of different fruits and hang on a lovely tree display. They’re great textured sleeves, perfect for solo action, or a perfect addition to handjobs and blowjobs. We’ve noticed in testing that these sleeves are less likely to slip off because of their shape~ A+++!

Top 5 Anal

1- Swarovski Crystal Butt Plugs – All sizes & colors. We saw these at the ILS convention in Las Vegas this year and fell in love! This plug will stay put in the anus, looking GORGEOUS, and will stimulate all of the nerve endings it touches in and around the anus. One of our most luxurious products, this gift will bring a jaw-dropping response. These gorgeous and luxurious crystal butt plugs come in 3 sizes, several colors, are made from surgical grade stainless steel and have genuine Swarovski crystals in them. When the plugs are inserted, the crystal is exposed as a darling adornment for the posterior~ pieces of bling for your booty. Swarovski-anal-plug-butt-plug

2- Climax Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads are great quality, tons of pleasure, at an amazing price. These soft, Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads are just what any beginner or veteran is looking for! The removable bullet at the base of the beads easily turns on or off with the push of the button. Take these waterproof Bum Beads inClimaxSiliconeBeads-Orange the bath or shower for an exhilarating experience, while remaining safe with the non-porous, phthalates free silicone. There’s a strong silicone ring at the base for easy retrieval after the funduke

3- Duke by Fun Factory. This toy flies off our shelves every week in Chicago! And its very easy to understand why. A definite Tulip staff pick, the Duke‘s ergonomic shape adapts optimally and smoothly to the male anatomy and stimulates the P-spot and perineum with powerfully pleasing vibrations. The main attraction of this unique toy is the upper bulge that gives the feeling that the toy is completely inserted.

4- Black Pearl. Brand new at Tulip, this anal vibrator has quickly become a favorite for several tested reasons. It can blackpearlprostatestimbe used as an anal plug or prostate stimulator, is made of 100% silicone, is super sleek, and offers an easy and comfortable way for you to explore new and exhilarating sensations. The Black Pearl’s powerful vibration through its slender shaft to its rounded pearl, places tantalizing stimulation just where it belongs internally, and also around the outer areas of the anus. A+!

5- Amos by Vamp Silicone, Medium and Large. We love our Chicago neighbors, artisan dildo-makers Vamp Silicone. They create by far the most artistic and creative dildos on the market today. We also love how concerned they are with safety and how much thought is put into strap-on sex. 100% medical grade silicone handmade products; Vamp’s Amos Medium and Large grew in popularity after being featured in Cosmopolitan as a stellar beginner anal plug. This plug’s shape creates a stay-put plug and tapered for easy insertion. A beginners, and veterans, favorite: The Amos will become your go-to anal plug, every time. Available in Firm Skin, Regular Skin, and Soft Skin…in any colors you desire (glitter too!). Amos Largechicago-toolworks-floggers

The Real Fifty Shades Top 5: Fetish & Kink

1- Leather Floggers by local Chicago Toolworks. Custom made by a toolmaker in Chicago – no two handles are alike! Moreover, the aluminum handle can double as a dildo! For experts and novices, you will not find a better quality flogger. Highly recommended by Tulip’s BDSM experts.

2- Neon Wand is a customer favorite to test at our boutiques, and the Tulip staff has had a lot of fun testing new and endless ways to play with the Neon Wand. Remember the giant electric globes that you used to put your hands on and feel like a mad scientist?  Watching the colorful kinklab-neon-wandelectrical current and feeling that tingling charge as you ran your hands all around the ball?  Well, the Neon Wand has taken that same energy and harnessed it into a titillating tool for sensation play! With the specially designed glass attachments and the multi-level control dial, you are able to focus that electrical charge on any part of the body with sensations that range from a nice warm tingle to more intense sensations.bd14_bondage_tape_1

3- Bondage Tape. Still a Tulip favorite 10 years later! Bondage tape sticks to itself and not to your hairs, resulting in endless hours of fun. Get creative with this tape- it can be worn as a sexy number and used to restrain, tie up, blindfold- whatever desired!

4- Bling Bling Magnetic Nipple Clamps were a best seller this year! Give “precious metals” a whole new meaning this holiday season with this luxurious pair of high-end magnetic nipple clamps. Cast in high quality steel and hand-polished to perfection, these jeweled gems are equal parts art and pleasure. Get just the right squeeze every time and make your nipples perk with pleasure! The clamps feature magnets that delicately keep your nipples hard, giving you the perfect pinch every time.magnetic-nipple-clamps-bling

5- Leather Scented Raw Candles. Handmade in Madison, Wisconsin, these leather scented candles are raw-leather-scented-candlesthe perfect addition to your holiday party! And also an amazing way to set the kinky mood! Raw Candles use the highest quality clean burning waxes and body safe colors. Raw uses pure essential oils, and essences for a natural fragrance that doesn’t aggravate allergies. Raw candles are also lead-free, and have a 100% cotton wick for easy breathing.

Top 5 Lingerie/Apparel

1- Pete Trunks Packing Underwear by SpareParts HardWear. SpareParts has been a Tulip favorite every year for the last 10 years. We love the functionality, quality, and style of the products. We also love the company and promote their products on a daily basis! Pete’s secure fit, allows you to move freely, with zero fear that your packer will shift, dislodge, or fall out, even during rigorous activities. Unlike current packing devices or aids on the market, what makes PETE so special is the option to have your packer right up against your skin. The Pete Trunks are high-end and looks like SEXY designer underwear…We chose the Trunks style this year because we think they look Hotttt!!


2- Luxury Underwire Push Up Babydoll. This babydoll, along with the plum corset, made our jaws drop when we opened the box upon their arrival. The deep color Microfiber & Powernet Fully Boned Corset w_Removable Straps & Garters Plum-Lingeriecombinations, quality, and design, hugs the figure in the most satisfying ways. Smartly built to accentuate your best features, this number is sexy, seductress, and playful. A night of tease is a must with this outfit.

3- Bondage Skirt with Garter and Bondage Bra. This set has been a best-seller ALL year! Both at our boutiques and online, this strappy, sexy, and stretchy set, has sold out time and time again. Contemporary glamor meets kink & fetish with the Bondage Collection.bondagebraback

4- Bordeaux Stretch Satin Chemise with Removable Garters is the perfect holiday color for some roleplay, and clings to your curves in all of the right places. We picked this number for our top 5 list chemise-bordeux-garters-lingeriebecause of how flattering it looks on any body type. The soft high quality materials are sensual to the touch and will add a lot of extra red spice to your holiday.

5- Leopard Satin Bra, Garter Belt & Lace Panty. Prrrrrrrrrrr! We admit, we love animal print at Tulip. We also love sexy kittens and this number is everything for just that! That sexy tigress inside of you will come wild with this outfit. Pair Stretch-Satin-Bra-Garter-Belt-and-Lace-Panty-Leopardthis with a leash and collar for some serious roleplay fun. Hissss!! Purrrrr. :)

Top 5 Lotions & Potions

1- Sliquid Silk (Regular and Organic). Sliquid is one of our favorite lube companies, sliquid is also many of our customer’s personal favorites. Why? Because Sliquid cares about your health and animals when making their lubricants, oils, shave creams, and more. Do you love Liquid Silk but hate all of the nasty parabens in it? Sliquid silk’s silky white texture is the most comparable to liquid silk, without the parabens. Sliquid Silk is the number 1 best selling Sliquid lubricant at Tulip. Starting with a super silky water base, and blended with 12% silicone, Sliquid Silk regular and organic are the best of both worlds! Will last longer than the average water-based lubricant and although contains silicone, is safe to use with silicone toys. sliquid-silk

2- Uberlube. Have you noticed we love that so many amazing companies are our neighbors? (Vamp Silicone, Toolworks, and Raw Candles, for example) Uberlube is also our stellar neighbor in Evanston, Illinois! Uberlube sells itself at our Tulip boutiques in Chicago. Customers try our tester bottle and the silkinessuberlube they touch is an automatic win! Packed with the highest grades of silicone combined with vitamin E, not only is Uberlube an amazing silicone-based lubricant, it’s also an anti-frizz for you hair or can be used to prevent chaffing. The chic glass bottle is not only discreet, but a luxurious gift this holiday season too.

3- Kama Sutra Massage Candles with pouring spout. We LOVE these massage oil candles! They smell amazing and create a luxuriously silky massage oil for hours of sensual pleasures. Kama Sutra’s massage candle melts from candle wax to massage oil in a heartbeat, gliding onto your lover’s skin for a sensual, smooth-as-silk massage. Warm, fragrant and wonderfully emollient, it’s formulated with a proprietary kamasutramassagecandlesblend of skin-conditioning coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E.

4- Coconu: Coconut Water-Based Natural Lubricant. Who doesn’t love coconut water, it hydrates better than water and smooths the skin. Natural and effective, sustainable lubricant. Made from pure coconuts, Coconu is safe, gentle, and natural, so it’s perfect for those who care acoconut-water-based-lubricant-Coconubout what goes on, and in, their bodies. It contains age-defying antioxidants. Coconu is an all natural personal lubricant that literally melts into your skin.

5- Aloe Cadabra Natural Lubricant is an all natural personal lubricant for intimate pleasures that is made with more than 95 percent organic aloe vera. This is the only aloe leaf juice based lubricant on the market, and we love it’s silky, non-sticky, feel! In addition to being a lubricant, Aloe Cadabra natural lubricant also acaloe-based-lubricant-organicts as a protectant for exposed nerve endings, protects against infection and acts as an anti-inflammatory that soothes the skin. For those of us trying to do our part for our environment, Aloe Cadabra is an eco-friendly option. Aloe is also known to rejuvenate the skin and keep it looking young ;) !



Have a sexy & safe holiday season!

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