How to Introduce a Bit of Kink into Your Sex Life…

You can spice up your relationship a lot by adding just a little bit of kink to the bedroom (or kitchen, bathroom, closet…it’s all about creativity). You don’t have to know the lingo and you don’t have to keep a dungeon. You don’t need to commit to a “lifestyle” and you don’t need to go to Touché. All you need is a sense of adventure and a few simple props.

First of all, the beautiful thing about S&M/BDSM is that it is all about communication. Sharing what you want out of a playdate helps set the ground rules and make sure you have a safe, comfortable time. Additional benefits of this communication is that it helps you clarify your desires, ensuring that you get the most out of your sex life. Speaking up for what you want sexually has a powerful effect in other arenas of your life. Take charge! Being honest about sex can help open up honesty in other aspects of your relationship. Plus, it’s hot to talk about what you want to do to someone/have done to you.

Once you’ve set up your wants and needs and started playing around, go at it with…

a pair of furry handcuffs: Lock up your lover, snug, safe, and in any degree of comfort you choose. If you both decide you like this bit of bondage, graduate on to the Under the Bed Restraint Kit. It’s easy to set up and easy to stow away, and has the added benefit of binding both wrists and ankles at the same time. While he’s bound and helpless, tickle his fancy with…

the elegant Lelo Feather: Petite, pretty, and powerful. It’s incredibly erotic to have the light sensation of a feather brushing over sensitive areas such as the neck, nipples, feet, and…well, use your imagination. Playing with a feather can drive him to the brink of ecstasy. Consider increasing his sense of touch by blindfolding him with a silk scarf or a Satin Love Mask.

Ever thought about wax play? You’ve seen it in the movies…hot wax alternating with ice cubes…mm! What fun! Play with wax safely using the slow-burning Tulip Body Candle. The wax won’t burn skin, but it will definitely be hot. Feel a surprising sense of power as your partner quivers below you, awaiting the drip that’s at your disposal. The best part of this accessory is that the wax is perfect for massages, transforming the power-play experience into a sexy, tender massage. Not to mention these candles are great at setting a mood and smell delicious! Body Candles are a must-have.

If you are ready for something that will hurt so good, consider getting a riding crop. This is a versatile whipping toy that will last for years, looks sexy, and makes a delicious sound as it cuts through the air towards your partner’s submissive flesh.

Get turned on while getting ideas with a collection of erotica, such as Bondage on a Budget, Best Bondage Erotica (hetero, gay, and lesbian versions available). For a more how-to approach, buy a copy of the comprehensive SM 101or How to Be Kinky, which includes helpful photographs. Play safe and have fun!

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