Couple’s Entertainment: How to Choose the Right toy for the Adventurous Couple

Here at Tulip we believe in open communication as a  foundation for enjoyable and pleasurable sex.


Speaking of communication, if you’re not sure how to open the lines, may we suggest reading The Adventurous Couples Guide to Sex Toys? This book has all the information you’ll ever need on picking out the right toy for the both of you. It offers suggestions, creative usages, and ideas on how to introduce sex toys into the relationship. This will provide the foundation for your new and exciting sex life. As always remember this step may take time. Our identities are often tied to our sexual appeal and prowess. Many may believe we should be good at sex and see toys as a reminder of our shortcomings. However, toys should be used to enhance the experience making it more enjoyable. After all, what’s a sundae without the chocolate fudge, whip cream, and cherries?

Things to Consider

First of all, what kind of couple are you? Are you the “100% open to anything type,” or “we want to start slow and ease into this type?” Maybe you’re somewhere in-between these. Here at Tulip we have everything to keep you covered whether its cock rings, bullets, lube, plugs, or couple’s vibrators. We know what you’re thinking, “cock-what?” “couple’s vibrators, huh?” Well, let us educate you!

For the couple who wants to ease into sex toys

May we suggest the Duet Cock Ring. This ring not only has a clitoral stimulator for her, but the extra vibrator on the bottom of the ring offers extra stimulation for him. This toy is great for guys/gals who want to add extra stimulation to the bedroom without too much hassle. Not sure if a cock ring is your thing, but still want clitoral stimulation? Bullets are a nice beginner toy such as the Pico Bong Koa, Ipo, and Kiki. These all make clitoral stimulation easy as they are handheld; have multiple functions, and varying intensities. You’re sure to get an idea of what you like after these toys come into play.

For the couple somewhere in-between

Handcuffs, Sex Decks, and Vibrators, oh my! Handcuffs and the like are quintessential toys that add a bit of kink into any relationship without diving into floggers and collars. Who doesn’t like a little role-play? “Sorry sir, you’re going to have to assume the position as I cuff you.” And speaking of role-play we have a variety of sex decks that offer many fun ideas from role-playing to erotic massages. And adding a vibrator into the mix is always a great thing. The Gigi is a thrilling toy that is good for both G-spot, Clitoral stimulation, and can be used as a massage wand on him. (It’s also one of our most  popular selling toys)

For the couple up for anything

We offer this toy as the answer to the couple up for anything: We-Vibe 3. Dual clit and g-spot stimulation while your partner thrusts inside of you at the same time. Not only does this toy offer multiple stimulation modes but it can be used around the neck during oral sex to stimulate the tongue and as a partial cock ring. Did we mention this toy has a remote, offering you all the fun possibilities of taking it out of the bedroom? This toy does it all, and let’s face it, having another remote to fight over can’t be a bad thing.

We hope this little how-to has helped and as always we recommend that you both be comfortable with the idea of sex toys. After introducing your first toys couples may go on to explore even more sexual possibilities such as anal play, strap-on play, and temperature play leading to your own mini sexual revolution.

















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