Tulip Workshops at the GLBT Center on Halsted

Confident in the Skin I’m In: Dress for Success

There is a spectrum of gender expressions, unfettered from traditional definitions of “male” and “female.” This workshop starts from and celebrates this premise. Come for a discussion–in a safe and accepting space– about the many ways in which transfolks can be their gorgeous selves in the world with confidence. Confidence comes out of self love and acceptance, and makes everything else possible. We’ll discuss strategies for ways to bring your whole self into different kinds of spaces, from the workplace to the classroom to social events. Being out in the world with pride and confidence–not having to suppress different parts of yourself–only contributes to the larger project of what Leslie Feinberg has proclaimed as trans-liberation.

Tulip workshops . . .”we’re way beyond relax and use lube”

Is it possible to know too much about sex, desire, fantasy, pleasure? Tulip doesn’t think so and this is why we have designed a series of workshops that will help you grow sexually as you learn new techniques, gain sexual confidence, and participate in classes in an atmosphere that is safe, controlled, open and accepting. We believe that education, especially sex education, is the central key in helping people of all genders and sexualities have good sex. Our workshops will help you ask for what you want. We don’t think people should compromise on their desire and pleasure. We believe in Pleasure Now! No more deferral.

Our workshop topics include: Sex Toys, Hot Safe Sex, Anal Sex (intro and advanced), Negotiating Open Relationships, BDSM (intro and advanced), Strap-On Sex, Threesomes, Empowering Sex Lives for Survivors, Oral Sex, G-Spot, and Porn (intro and advanced).

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