Tulip Review: BuckBack Mountain starring Buck Angel (Tulip loves Buck!)

Let me start by saying this is the best film yet by Buck Angel, the “man with a vagina.” It was totally plotted out! It was like watching a good movie and the acting was amazing. This porn was obviously inspired by the now classic queer film, Brokeback Mountain, and it really had hot cowboy action.

Buck was at his best in this film. Without getting into too much detail (you can check it out yourself), I can tell you up on Buckback Mountain, there are some HOT ASS men! For the first time a hot guy with a HUGE cock took charge of Buck and dick slapped him: it was one of the hottest fuck scenes I have ever seen. The movie also had a soft side to it, kind of a romance element (it is channeling Brokeback Mountain, afterall). Hard to explain, but it was hot. The balance of dick slapping and cowboy lovin worked.

This movie would be great for people of any sexuality or gender to watch alone, with a partner, or with a group for a hot night of porn and sex. I recommend having dinner, some foreplay action and then throw Buckback on and let the fun begin. Keep it playing for visuals during sex (it’s always fun having Buck Angel in the bedroom with you). This is my all time favorite porn ever: Mr. Angel, one hot trans guy having hot sex. Perfect.

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