Tulip Loves, Part 2

1. Gigi rechargeable vibe

– a great beginner vibrator because it starts at such a low intensity and has perfect g-spot stiumation (no guess work, no hunting around in that vagina!).
– there are so many settings, almost everyone is sure to find one they like
– vibrating blow jobs!
– slender size is good for clit stimulation, especially with missionary
position sex
– it comes in pink, for those to whom such things are important
– the controls lock, so no accidentally turning on your vibrator at
the opera (truly, this happened to my college roommate)

2. Tulip lube

– this is the first lube I show folks who are overwhelmed by our selection
– it’s a great example of what should not be in your lubes (chemicals, glycerin which can cause yeast i infections and UTIs)
– no smell and little taste

3. Bondage Belt

– one of our bestselling bondage item
– there are several creative ways to restrain people with this baby
– it’s a belt, spank people with it
– it’s a good-looking accessory, and it’s hot to wear bondage gear around

4. Liberachi Anal Beads

-good for anal novices
– this is one of the more unintimidating anal toys
– many people are glad of the graduated size of the bulges. They feel more
comfortable starting out, and feel that they’ll be happy with the toy
even as they continue their anal explorations.

Plus, these are beads that double as an anal plug. Oh Liberachi: you’re an anal beads and anal plug love child.

5. Tulip Body Candles

If you want to explore with blindfolding you partner and playing with warm candle wax, these don’t burn hot and you can have the added dynamic of giving them a massage because the wax is made of soy and turns into massage oil. They smell great: lemon, raspberry and vanilla and come with gorgeous BDSM art work on the lid. Girl/girl, boy/girl, boy/boy, girl/girl/girl whatever you’re into we have the art. Sex+Art=Tulip.

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