Tulip Loves, Part 1

1. The Bend-Over-Boyfriend Special- Wilde dildo (the dandy) and spareparts harness
Wilde has a great angle for p-spot stimulation; inside
bumps perfect for anal; non-realistic

*Try Hydra Smooth Lube: nice and thick water-based lube for anal that lasts and lasts; not sticky or runny, moisturizing,
2. Spareparts Harness- sexy, comfortable, and accommodates all different shapes and sizes

3. Vixen Little Buddy Anal Plug- perfect beginner plug, stays put and is silver and sparkly. Make your ass fabulous.

4. Lucy B. Frolic set-whimsical, retro, delicate and feminine and the
garter skirt is flattering and super sexy: it will make you all legs and ass!

6. Bella Fucking Girls #5- directed by our gal Bella. Hot women enjoying
themselves: it’s roller skates, Joanna Angel, and lots of fucking.

7. Beginner’s Anal Sex Kit
Sassy booty formula from Sliquid, Hydra Smooth (thick) or Lucky lube (thicker)-both are safe for women if the lube drips from the back to the front

Frissome cooling gel feels soothing on the ass before and after sex.

Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Anal Sex for Women


The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men


Anal Pleasure and Health (more gender neutral)


Tristan Taormino’s Expert’s Guide to Anal Sex (DVD) or T.T.’s House of Ass (DVD)

For more advanced folks—any Belladonna porn will do; she’s the queen of the anal Olympics

Layaspot or silver bullet: the clit stimulation is soothing and pleasurable for women during anal

For you girly girls and boys—the Pink Fantasy Vibrating anal plug (for beginners, the vibe relaxes the area nicely)

Rock Hudson anal plug 1 or 2

Pandora vibrating prostate massager (soft silicone and also good for women because it taps the back of the vaginal wall and you’ll still get g-spot stimulation)

New Fun Factory booty plug

Slip one or two soapy fingers back there while in the shower to clean and relax the area. Have a few drinks (just a few . . .we don’t want anyone numb back there).


8. Gorgeous Flogger w/ cooling gel (especially our new frissome gel)

Our handmade Chicago Toolworks floggers are works of art and you can hang them like art in your home (doubles as a toy/art). The round end of the silver door knob flogger can also be used as a dildo. Fun Factory’s frissome cooling gel or Kama Sutra cool mint cream feel great on the ass and back after a flogging/spanking /whipping session. Pat(rick) Califia’s smart, funny, and sexy essay collections about BDSM and gender queer politics: Public Sex, Speaking Sex to Power, and Boy in the Middle (erotic short stories) go well with any BDSM gear.

9. Any Belladonna porn

Belladonna is joyous about sex. She is omnivorous with excellent sexual energy and even if they’re all faking it, it seems as if she and her ladies always orgasm intensely. Her titles feature a breathtaking range of sex acts—BDSM, strap-on, oral, lots of anal, with toys, no toys, tongues, fingers, hands, toes. It’s always a spitting, slapping, whipping, ass fucking, hair-pulling good time. She directs many of her titles and has her own production company which contributes money to programs for sex worker’s rights. Bella is not for the faint of heart so be warned. She’s un-PC which makes it so hot.

10. Spareparts harness with Vixskin dildo

You all know why the spareparts is the best (comfortable, washable, perfect performance harness; no more worries about o rings, etc.). Many people love it the dark purple (one customer told me she was naming her purple spareparts Prince). If you’re buying such a nice harness, why not indulge in the super soft Vixskin dildoes? The Vixskin in caramel looks especially hot in the spareparts. Now my favorite is the Maverick (thick with a nice g/p-spot curve), but if one isn’t a size queen, the goodfella is perfect (medium-sized). Again, it has a nice curve and its balls are designed to be worn outside of the spareparts. They feel great to bounce off of during sex.

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